4 May 2021

Drukhari – Dark Eldar - Mandrakes

What to say – lovely models! Why I did not include them back in 2011 when I started my Dark Eldar/Drukhari army?  

Not a big fan of «Fine cast models» (these models would be such a god plastic kit), but the level of details is excellent. 

The «painting» of the Mandrake in the 9th. edition Codex caught my eye. I wanted them dark and sinister –a darkness lurking in the shadows. Enough said, this is how they turned out (sorry about the quality of the photos, my camera had difficulties focusing - because they were some – dark…).

Until next time, cheers Ørnulv


  1. The models really represent the highlight of GWs miniatyre range. And you did a really good job painting them, toning them down in a grimdark way, and still giving them some nice eye cathching elements. I guess they will feature in an army list sooner than later ;)

  2. Nice job, as always! The models do look suitably dark and intimidating, so it's not surprising that the digital autofocus function on your phone or digital camera ishaving trouble.

    We'll have to see what we can do with a DSLR camera at a later date.

    In the mean time, I look forward to seeing these in person.


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