21 August 2012

Kjerringvik 2012 After Action Report

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...and so it's over. Another weekend at Ørn's summer house filled with food and drink, fun and games, victory and defeat. What the hell! There's always next year to look forward to, right?

Let's get to the point of the article then: Pictures!

The first group of shots is from my game against IH's Orks. Fortunately for me, her dice were susceptible to bribery and refused to even pretend they were ever going to roll evenly. For her next game she benched them, an borrowed Linus' dice in stead.

Simultaneously, the Lords of the Dance (and pantyhose!) faced off on the other table. It must have been an intense game, cause they apparently didn't think to grab the camera and snap a few pictures. All I've got for you are these two shots I took myself as they were deploying.

André and Linus showed up during the aforementioned games, but quickly became unfit for playing so had to try and make up for it next day. Having been unable to get any games in with 6h, Ørnulv and I teamed up with one each and played a 2x1000 vs 2000 points game. By the time the game ended, Linus' last handfull of Plague Marines had managed to keep hold of the Relic. They were the last remains of the CSM army, though, and another round would surely have seen us tabled. Ørnulv and André managed to take all the secondary objectives though, so the game was a tie.

Can't wait until next year!!! Thanks again, big guy.

16 August 2012

Word Bearers Bike Squadron (Architecture of Aggression XXX)

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It's been quite a while since the last time I added a unit to my CSM army...

It took the release of WH40K 6th edition and the rumoured Codex in the near(-ish) future to spur me into action once again. After all: If I already have everything painted up when the new models become available, there's no reason why I can't go out anf buy some. Right?!? ;)

Anyway... On with the show. I started building the Bike Squadron not long after finishing my unit of Heavy Bolter Havocs, but abandoned the project for a number of reasons. (I won't bore you with those. Don't Worry!)

Presented below is a unit of five, including an Aspiring Champion with Power Sword, two Bikers with a Meltagun, an Icon Bearer with an Icon of Slaanesh and a regular biker.


TSB Annual Kjerringvik event 2012

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This weekend (16.09 – 19.08) all the members of TSB travel to Kjerringvik for the annual summer gaming group event.

“We have seen the end of 5th edition, we will soon master 6th edition”. I look forward to seeing all the “new armies”, and find out what works / does not work. Personally this is the first time I field “grey models”, due to lack of time to paint after my summer holiday. However, they will be finished for the next tournament.

Most of the TSB members will start the weekend today, some arrive tomorrow. Even the weather seems to be on our side this weekend! The Rinker (day cruiser) is fuelled, and I am ready to “burn” 400liters….. Looking forward to seeing you all!