22 July 2016

Eldar Corsairs Wraithguard

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Playing around with my ”Eldar” – ”Dark Eldar” – Eldar Corsair” concept, I wanted to add a unit that had punch enough to go against some of the more harder and tougher targets.

I decided not to magnetize, and commit them to D-scythes. Of course a Haemonculus have tampered with them and corrupted them a little.

I am looking forward to testing them in battle.

What’s next? I honestly need a break from bone colours and blue metallics. So I guess it is time to revisit my Ultramarines this summer. And on that topic – happy summer holidays everyone



19 July 2016

Dark Eldar - Razorwing Jetfighter

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My second Razorwing Jetfighter was a somewhat desperate attempt to ad more punch into my army preparing for a tournament several years ago. It never got past receiving a black undercoat. Every time I opened my closet it has been gazing at me…

Recently I have added units to my Dark Eldar army and playing around with new army lists. An obvious fun list is a super fast army; hence it was time to paint it.

Again it proved difficult to achieve the same colour scheme as last time, but I think it is close enough for table view. This one is armed for infantry hunting after it has sent off its deadly missiles, armed with disintegrator cannons and a spliter cannon.

And then they where two



13 July 2016

Crimson Fists Devastator Centurions

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The colour-scheme for the Crimson Fists sure is a different kind of exercise than painting my Word Bearers or Khorne Daemonkin.

There's a lot of fun to be had in feeling my way through painting an unfamiliar colour scheme. It does take time, though.

Anyways... Here they are, the tre 'little brothers' to last month's Venerable Dreadnought.

I do realize, now that I'm looking at the pictures above, that I may need to revisit the chapter and tactical icons on their shoulder pads. They're not quite as blurred-looking in reality, but a little more definition may be in order...

Next? Time to revisit some basic Troops, I think...