6 March 2019

Death Guard - Foul Blightspawn

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One small step for mankind. A somewhat bigger leap for mr. Hauge. Finally managed to finish this fantastic elite choice from the not so fresh Death Guard codex anymore.

The background and rules are just fun, not least the container built in to his body, letting him spray his foes with plague gore. The unholy death's head grenade carried by the funny nurgling is also worth mentioning, making him and another character throw a blight or hyper blight grenade 2D6 times - once per battle.

Combined with mister Biologous Putrifier, a squad of Plague Marines and the Blight Bombardment strategem, these guys can dish out a massive amount of grenade hurt.

Chose a quite familiar color palette, although I plan on trying out the dirty white variant on the armour plating on other future painting projects. As you all know, the new GW minis are full of details - therefore quite time consuming. Hope to be able to paint other characters in a more assembly line like way to try to get projects done quicker.