28 October 2011

Kabalite Warriors Painting first unit - ØRNULVS OCTOBER 2011 PROJECT # 5

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After a hectic period at work, I finally got around to paint my first unit of Kabalite Warriors. Early on I decided NOT to go with the ”traditional colour scheme”. The front picture on the Codex of a Warrior with splinter rifle caught my eye! Dark blue armour.

It was important for me to find a method that would enable me to paint fairly quickly. I have done a lot of mistakes during painting this trial unit, but I think they have an ok table standard, and I can paint up 10 Warriors per week, enabling me to finish the infantry models before Christmas. Anyway, this is how they turned out (the models are much darker in real life – sorry for the crappy foots).

24 October 2011

Eldar re-visited

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Now what?! What is the pantyhose guy up to?
Well, I know I know. I tend to complain about the Eldar codex and so forth, but after
invasion, I did get the confirmation I needed that playing eldar my way, wasn`t very competitive.
Unfortunately this style of play - copy paste, isn`t very exciting. So with som really nice friendly games comming up, I thought I should present my entire Biel Tan Eldar Army
It`s a mix of almost a decade of painting, playing and discussing Eldar, ups and downs and getting a complete army of 5000 points or more. What I am about to present is only Biel Tan, my Ulthwè remenants are left in storage.
Hq: The Avatar. Second ed model. Still quite stunning, and with his rules he is a good Hq choice. The best ws in the game, inspiering, but a bit slow. Farseer, mostly used for support, but is able and capable to take down a greater deamon.
Elites: Harlequins, striking scorpions, Howling banshees, and Firedragons.
As you are all well aware of used right these units can deal with almos anything they attack.
Can`t go to war with out a unit of Firedragons, and of lately Harlequins has been my favorite close combat choice. But the Banshees and Scorpiones are coming out of hiding and getting back in. Supported by doom, banshees can take down anything up to T7. Dark Eldar.... Too slow ;)
Scorpiones, infiltrate, a bit slow, but a lots of attacks. And 3+ armour save. What`s not to like? Soon I will present the rest of my army, and some more photos, but for now.. Fear the reaper;)

23 October 2011


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Dark Eldar (André) vs Ultramarines (Ørnulv) 2000p

Seize Ground – Pitched Battle

Finally, with the battle bunker ready, as Trond says – time to play!


5 objectives, one close to the centre, 2 in each deployment zone.

The marines marines (Ultramarines) took the initiative and decided to go first.


The three Dev Squads took to the high grounds, mounting buildings on each flank and in centre. 4 Razorbacks with TLSc deployed in cover linking the Dev Squads. 3 Land Speeders with TMl lurking behind them. The Tactical Squads where split in two. Two Combat Squads with Pc deployed high up in the centre buildings. One Combat Squad with Lc on the ground in cover right flank, and one with Lc in a tower.


The dark Arcon did not want to set up facing the Ultramarines gun line, and decided only to deploy a large unit of Scourges inside a building to north vest. The rest of the army was kept in reserve (sneaky Dark Eldar).



The Ultramarines adjusted their position, well aware of that the Dark Eldar with arrives on turn two unleashing a fuselage of firepower. The question was – how many arrives at the same time? A couple of Ml had line of sight to the Scourges, managing to wound them 20 times! However, due to some pretty amazing dice rolling, only one Dark Eldar warrior died.


The Scourges adjusted their position, making sure they where out of sight.



What to do? The Land speeders kept back, trying to avoid possible fire lines. The Razorbacks moved slightly forward, all of the popping smoke. The Scourges unit was completely out of sight, so the Ultramarines brazed them selves from the inevitable onslaught that was about to materialize!


A Ravager entered the north west of the city, alongside “Manifactorum”, hindering most of the Ultramarines line of sight towards it. Two raiders, with Kabalite Warriors, decided to go flat out on the northwest flank, taking cower behind “Sanctum”. In the middle, a third Raider with Incubus. The Ravager opened fire on one of the Land speeders, only managing to destroy the TMl.



What to do turn # 3? Since the half of the Dark Eldar reserves had yet to enter battle, the Ultramarines felt that the partial advance was only a partial blessing. The Ultramarines adjusted their position and opened fire. The Ravager was blown to bits by the centre Dev Squad. The Incubus Raider and a raider carrying Kabalite Warriors shared the same fate. The Ultramarines fired everything they could at the Incubus and the Kabalite Warriors. Once again the Dark Eldar managed to save the waste majority of inflicted wounds.


A raider with Incubus and Arcon entered the battle field dead centre going flat out and taking up position to the north east side of “Sanctum”. A Jet bike unit turbo busted on the fare east side of the table, moving over a Dev Squad in the “Platformum” building. The remaining Raider on the north vest flank moved south threatening the Ultramarines south vest flank. The incubus entered the “Sanctum” building ready to support them. The Kabalite Warriors leaved the wreck and took up position behind the advancing raider to the south. The Scourges (loosing 2) jumped from cower supporting them. The dark Eldar army opened fire! This time, it was the Ultramarines who managed so make their saves, and few members of the Dev Squad in the southwest and centre fell. The Jet bikes killed one Dev on the “Platformum”, loosing one in the process that crash-landed. The centre Razorback blew up from a Blaster shot, the Combat Squad hiding behind the wreck.



The Combat Squads in the 2 Razorback to the south east (Platformum) embarked preparing and opened fire on the 2 Jet bikes. The Razorbacks turned around their turrets and also opened fire, but only one where destroyed! Fortunately the remaining Jet bike lost its nerve and turned tail! The centre Razorback with the Librarian moved forward closing in on the centre objective but failed to reach it because the tracks broke when entering a crater! Damn! The centre part of the army opened fire at the Raider carrying the Incubus and Arcon, turning into a fireball! The Land speeders and PLc opened fire at the Incubus, but few fell. The Dev Squad to the south vest opened fire against the Raider in the south west, setting it on fire. The remaining guns were aimed at the Incubus who had advanced south vest. The Combat Squad who had escaped the flames when their Razorback was set on fire, rapid fired at the Kabalite Warriors covering the line of sight to the Scourges, but few fell.


The Razor wing finally arrived the battle, opening fire with all its weapons against the south centre Dev Squad. Only 2 fell…. The Scourges did far better, bringing the Dev Squad south vest down to only two MISSl. The Incubi and Arcon moved quickly through the “Sanctum” and charged and wiped out the Combat Squad south vest. They consolidated back into the building. The remaining Raider to the north vest flew over in cover behind the Manifactorum, closing in on the objective there.



Both players knew this could be the last round, and all focus was directed towards the objectives. In an attempt to block the advance of the Incubus and Arcon towards the centre objective, two Land speeders positioned themselves in front of the objective. Behind them the Combat Squad with the Librarian left their immobilised Razorback, taking control over the objective. To the east the two Combat Squads embarked their Razorbacks, and drove forward to claim the two objectives in that sector. The centre Dev Squad blew up the last Raider partly in cover behind Manifactorum. The Kabalite Warriors inside left the wreck facing the structure. An Lc killed the Jet bike (nothing else to shoot at). Fire was concentrated against the Scourges (who was nearly wiped out) and against the Incubus and Arcon, but several of them (including the Arcon) made their saves.


The Kabalite Warriors outside Manifactorum to the north centre entered the building, and run to the objective hidden inside behind a wall. The Kabalite Warriors Squad to the northwest moved in and took the objective behind a building. The Arcon and Incubus surged forward, fleeted around the Land speeders, and wiped out the Librarian and his Combat Squad before they could draw their close combat weapons. Fire continued to pore over the Dev Squad in centre and southeast, but it was not enough left to have a big impact.

Was it over? The guest rolled a dice. It was over.


Dark Eldar held 2 objectives

Ultramarines held 2 objectives

21 October 2011

Dark Eldar Scourges - ØRNULVS OCTOBER 2011 PROJECT # 4

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These models where very detailed and consisted of more parts then the Kabalite Warrior and Wych sets. The wings are really thin, and I decided to use one extra layer of glue in all the joints hoping they will survive table gaming. Combining the scenic base fixing on the legs with slate was a challenge. I think they came out al right.

Entering from reserve or deep striking in – these boys and girls has a really nasty output of fire! In my standard 1.750p list I use one squad with two Splinter cannons.

But in my 2000p fluff list – tree units!

All the “foot models” in the army is now built, and it is time to start painting them. I have bought a huge range of Vallejo colours, hoping my idea of a colour scheme works!

15 October 2011


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With Ørnulv in Production Overdrive mode, I'd better get this little service announcment in quickly...

We just hit 300 posts!!!

Now... Back to our regularly scheduled program. ;)

Dark Eldar True Born and Archon - ØRNULVS OCTOBER 2011 PROJECT # 3

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To make the "True Born" stand out from the Kabalite Warriors, I decided to use the upper body component for the female Wyches and use ”bare heads” on all the models.

It was a challenge to produce enough ”blasters”. I did not want to spend money on individual weapons, so I opted for making my own ”counts as”. Shredders where modified, and splinter rifles combined with blast pistols used, to make my blasters. To give them a more unified look, I decided to shorten the barrels and remove some of the pointy parts. The same treatment was given to the blasters in the warrior units. I think they came out OK. The goal was to make a weapon that represented i) short range ii) high strength.

I have bought the ”standard DE Archon” (in metal....). However, I decided not to use him! My initial army composition consisted of 2 units with Incubi, each led by an Arcon. I intend to build these models in order to get variety, and therefore I decided to make my own ”plastic” Arcon. Keeping in theme with my Trueborn, I used spare parts from the Kabalite Warrior sprues.

14 October 2011


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Finally! After a long building period, my battle bunker is finally finished. Below you will see pictures of 5/6 of my gaming table, fitted with (for the first time) all of my city constructs.


12 October 2011

Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors - ØRNULVS OCTOBER 2011 # 2 PROJECT

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Kabalite Warrior Squads # 3 and 4 assembled.

And then they where 40!



Ever since I met André’s Dark Eldar army many years ago, I have been waiting for them to get an updated codex (and additional models). As we all know - both have arrived. So far I have only worked with the Kabalite warriors. The detail and poses are amazing.

My army will contain 4 squads of Kabalite Warriors. The photos beneath show the construction of the first 2 of the units.

I am looking forward to build the last 2 units, and will update this post with more photos when they are built.

9 October 2011

Ultramarines 1. Reinforced - ØRNULVS OCTOBER 2011 #1 PROJECT

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In May Linus sold of his “spare parts” and some “other stuff” he did not thing he would need in the “near future”. Knowing his extensive collection of not-built stuff, I was the first of the TSB members knocking on his front door.

This autumn / winter I wanted to start on a new army that I have collected since visiting GW in Dublin in February. However, in order to “treat my self with working on a new army”, I have a strict codex of finishing ongoing projects (build and paint unfinished models) before undertaking new ones. This led me to painting up several Tyranid models during this summer (a separate post will be made), and after having moved in September, I have finally been able to finish the “last” of my current range of Space Marine models.

As a long-term project I have decided to paint the whole of the Ultramarines 1. Company. First up were to reinforce Terminator Squads # I and II witch consist of “ordinary” Terminators. 5 more and they will be 10 strong each.

Next batch consisted of adding 5 Assault terminators to a new Squad # IV. These models are mainly from the Assault on black reach set, so I tried to modify some poses and added Forge worlds shoulder pads in an attempt to make them less “mainstream”.

And now – I can finally start working on my new army, adding some Space Marines to my 1. Company when feeling I need a break from painting the new army…..