11 March 2021

Ultramarines – Cataphractii Terminator Squad - 1. Company completed

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Finally! It must be approximately 3,5 years ago since I started my quest for building the whole of the Ultramarines 1. Company to complement my 2. Company that I finished a decade ago (although I have added more models during this time period).

All Ultramarines models are now finished, except the Forge World variant of Guilliman, which will be a side project. No Primaris models exists in my Ultramarines army, and I do not plan to add any. I feel the original model range suits the project that I started so long ago. Also, I experience fatigue painting and highlighting blue and gold. My upcoming Primaris project will therefore be from another chapter and a very different painting style.

My last squad will probably be used as a "bodyguard unit" to my Cataphractii 1. Company Terminator Captain. Maybe I will revisit the 1. Company adding more “Command models”, but not for a long time though. Enough said, this is how the last 5 models turned out. 

Thanks for watching, until next time – stay safe and keep painting😀

Ørnulv – signing OFF!

25 November 2020

Death Guard: Terrax Assault Drill

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Legends or fully part of the Death Guard army? Time will show. Finally managed to finish this lovely model. As usual in the end I felt I just had to finish this one before being 100 percent happy. Looking forward to trying it out on the battlefield, but as we all know, it will probably be transfered to a part of a CSM detachment.

Really liked the old rules. The updated datacard is not worse, maybe even better. A shame that the drill is only Legends for Death Guard now, but maybe I can find a way to sqeeze it in.

22 October 2020

Ultramarines Terminator Squad

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It has taken me ages to complete these models... I equipped them with complimentary weapons to my existing models, two with Cyclone Missile Launcher, one with Assault Cannon, one standard Sergeant with Power Sword and Storm bolter, and two with Power Fists and Storm bolters.

I can now field 2 X 10 Terminators with a variety of weapons (2 with Heavy Flamers, 2 with Assault Cannons and 2 with Cyclone Missile Launchers). All "standard" Terminators are now finished. Only 5 models left to complete, and my 1st Company will be completed. But before I continue, I will treat myself with a couple of terrain projects. 


15 October 2020

Ultramarines Terminator Assault Squad

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My quest for finishing the 1. company continues. This time a unit of 5 Assault Terminators with Lightning Claws. I can now field 2 X 10 Assault Terminators, 10 with Storm Shield and Thunder Hammers and 10 with Lightning Claws.

Puh – finished with all the Assault Terminators for this project, 11 more Terminators to go... 


13 June 2020

Ultramarines Company Veterans (and Sgt upgrades)

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In my quest for finishing the 1. company, for variety, I decided to make two of my veterans into «company veterans», giving them Storm bolters and Storm shields.
While I was at it, I also decided to re-arm some of my 2. company Sgt (I have built Sgt so I can field them with several weapon options), with Storm bolters and Chain swords. I am starting to run short of bits (happy to say so now that I am getting closer to finishing my project).
Only 16 veterans to in my quest for the 1. company…