30 April 2020

Ultramarines Vanguard veterans

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Expanding and adapting the 1. Company, I decided to rearm some of my old metal Vanguard veterans, giving them some Storm shields and a Thunderhammer.

Next was to add a Veteran Sgt. and a Vanguard veteran with a Thunder hammer.

Going for the whole of the first company, I felt compelled to add a whole unit of Vanguard veterans with jump packs. Beautiful models, but they took a long time to build and paint. But in the end, I am happy having chosen them. This is how they turned out


23 April 2020

Ultramarines Scouts

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My last post on my Ultramarines army was back in February 2018. During the summer of 2018 I bought and built the remaining models that would forfill my goal of also be able to field the whole of the 1. Company alongside my “finished” 2. Company. An extensive project… I also decided to add a couple of other units / models that would compliment my UM army as a whole.

First out, a unit of Scouts.


16 April 2020

Drukhari - Dark Eldar -Wracks

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It has been a while since my last post, but that does not mean I have not been productive...

It was time to add Wrack units to my DE Coven army. These models was great fun to build and paint! Lovely models. My Coven models have a slightly more pale skinn then the rest of my DE force, I guess it is all the stuff that the Heamonculus inject them with... And since they are constantly altered, it is only propper to add som blood showing they are under constantly "improvement".

Well, this is how they turned out

The whole batch

Acothyst with Electrocorrosive whip

Acothyst with Heamonculus tools

Wrack with Liquifier gun