15 May 2011

Word Bearers Terminators (Architecture of Aggression XXVIII)

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A busy month, May is... So, I decided I wouldn't get too much painting time in and had better 'pace myself' a little. A smaller 'Termicide' type unit then. The minimum three models. One with a Chain Fist and two with Combi-melta and Power Weapon.

I've got another box of Terminators arriving (ever so slooowly) from Maelstrom, so I'll probably be doing a few more of these later this summer...

4 May 2011

Plaguebearers of Nurgle (Bad Omen I)

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As a suitable counts-as concept for Plague Marines continues to elude me, I was digging around in my bitz boxes for inspiration when I came upon an old ice cream box with the Mark of Nurgle on a Post It note. Upon opening the rather hefty box I discovered a rather big lot of metal Plague Bearer and Nurgling models. There was also a Great Unclean One box underneath the ice cream box, but that's a project for another time.

Putting the T5 Marines back on the back-burner, I sorted out the models and figured ou that I could do three squads of seven distinct models. The remaining seven have so many duplicate models I doubt I'll be making a fourth squad.

I managed two squads before the end of the month, but should get around to the third towards the end of may. I started both squads off with a base coat of Army Painter's Desert Yellow spray. For the first squad I started detailing and highlighting from there, while the second squad got a good coat of Green Ink before detailing/highlighting. Both squads got a coat of a polyurethane woodstain for final shadowing/wet-look/sealing. It looks like I may have started a small force of Chaos Daemons to ally in with the Word Bearers in those big games we sometimes play.