20 October 2021

40K Urban and Industrial Terrain

I thought that it was over… But no. 

I must admit I do love making terrain, and since some of my terrain was a little outdated, and of course the industrial GW terrain looks awesome, I decided to modernize so I can field buildings for 4 gaming tables.

It was quite an effort. Below some work in progress pictures and pictures of how it turned out (together with some old pieces of terrain): 

Until next summer I will focus on my new Primaris army, and no - it will not be The Ultramarines, but something radically different. Next summer I will finish my terrain project with 3 more buildings, and feeling compelled to clear out my last remaining bits, also build 2 more pieces of terrain…


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  1. A momnumental effort, to be sure!

    Doing terrain in bulk, like this, increases the scope of the project significantly, but it's usually worth it in the end - when you have an entire table (or two) with a consistant theme and level of quality.


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