28 October 2016

Tau XV 107

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New month and a new Tau battlesuit, this time the XV 107 riptide variant.
This is painted in the same style as the rest of my Tau army, and I have kept the battle damage to a max on this one as well.

On the battle field XV107 is a perfect partner to XV109, as this one is heavy armour and the main weapon has a range of 60" and is perfect for taking down biks and dogs :-)
I have tested this suit in battle some times now and the fire power this one have is very impressive.
With the nova reactor and the invulnerable save it is hard to take down, and can take a lot off damage. And as long as I do not roll a 1 or 2 it might also shoot twice some rounds :-)

Next up is another suit that might hide in the shadows,,,

21 October 2016

Dark Eldar Raider Disintigrator Cannons

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Just a quick one for you.

During this last year I have built several Coven units.

Since many of the Coven units are geared for close combat, it’s not a default choice any longer to by the Dark Lance upgrade for my Raiders. Hence, I wanted the option to field them with the stock Disintegrator Cannons. Jørn helped my getting the gun mounts (THX), and I was happy to find that the Wrack kits I had included options to build Raider and Venom crews.

Two of my Raiders now have the options to field a Wrack gunner with Disintegrator Cannons.

What next? Some additional models for my Eldar Corsairs (moping up the extras…)



15 October 2016

Dark Eldar Hellions

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When the previous edition of the Dark Eldar Codex where realised, I bought almost all of the new models (kits) - including Hellions. But eventually I decided to go with a shooty MSU list, and traded them in for other models. Now, 4 years later, during the expansion of my Dark Eldar army, I decided on revisit units I had previously discarded.

The amount of options you have when building Hellion’s, and the narrative behind this unit, it just awesome. And of course I had to ad some parts making them a little more macabre. In my opinion, the Dark Eldar models surpass almost all other army’s in the GW range. And although many of the models are a little fiddly to build, and are full of small parts and details that makes it challenging (for my anyway) to paint, it has been a joy to paint these models.

The Beast Masters are very similarly to the Hellions, baring typically the helmets. The Beast Master models are Finecast Models and expensive. I therefore decided fore some variety to make them work as both. And since they appearance are close to Wyshes, I went with my traditional painting pallet. Anyway, this is how they turned out.

Hellion with Hellglaive

Grisly trophies

The whole unit

Macabre Grisly trophies

Helliarch with stunclaw

Beastmaster (or Helliarc)

What next? My Coven army needs some upgrades for the Raiders…


8 October 2016

Dark Eldar Voidraven Bomber

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It’s been in storage since the week it was put up for sale. Since I recently have been expanding my Dark Eldar and Eldar Corsairs army, it was time to build and paint this gorgeous model.

This model was a joy to build and paint. I decided to attach the Void mine in a cargo-hold position, and of course tried to match the paint job of my other Dark Eldar flyers (and the rest of my Dark Eldar army). I magnetized the weapons so I can tailor the Voidraven Bomber to for fill specific battlefield assignments.

Behold – The Voidraven Bomber!

Voidraven Bomber with Void Lances

A potent array of engines

Voidraven Bomber with Dark Scythes

Voidraven Bomber with Missile-pods

The Voidraven Bomber is a much larger model then its cousin – the Razorwing Jetfighter; witch is only natural taking it´s armament into consideration.

Voidraven Bomber and one of my two Razorwing Jetfighters

What next? I am about to mop up the (fore the time being) last of my Dark Eldar and Eldar Corsairs projects. I hear the cackling and zooming screams from skyboards…