6 June 2014

Tyranid Harridan, Harpy and Hive Crone

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Harpy and Hive Crone

I bought the new Harpy/Hive Crone set the day the new NIDS Codex was realized for sale. Other hobby projects, and all the negativity towards the new NIDS Codex, reduced my motivation to ”finish” these models. Unfair really, as I think that they are cool looking models.

I bought two models. I decided to magnetise the models so that I could field them either as a Harpy ore Hive Crone. The heads and weapons are obviously different, so I used magnets to represent the two variants. The body and tail however had to be decided upon; I chose the variants that I thought represented the coolest versions (my minds image).

I also wanted to theme the bases to the rest of my (extensive) NIDS army, so I decided not to use the standard ”flyer base” (making sure the height was correct). This is how they turned out:
Harpy configuration with Heavy Barbed Strangler Cannon and Heavy Venom Cannon (both twin linked) and spore mines

Hive Crone configuration


I bought this model back in April 2013. When building the new NIDS “flyers” it was about time to finish this model. A massive construct. I decided to make a base/flyer stand that themed with the rest of my army, so I used the sturdiest parts from the GW building range I could think of, and used "heavy industrial magnets" as well as a centre metal spike to keep the model "steady":
The mighty Harridan

NIDS flying circus

What next? Zone Mortalis gaming table. Progress can be seen on:
from September 2014.