19 September 2018

Armiger Helverins - Imperial Knights – House Hawkshroud

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Once I got hold of the new Imperial Knight Codex, I just knew I had to get a couple of them. During this summer I had an extra-long vacation, with time to build and paint them. A very nice set indeed. Here are some pictures taken during assembly.

It is always a little bit tricky achieving the same colours as on models made several years ago (2015). Trying to mach the same colour pallet and markings, I think they blend in with the rest of my knights. I see now that I have forgotten to put on the Heavy Stubbers / Melta Guns when taking these photos (I magnetized all of them).

I have already tried them (one of them) together with my other knights. I think they would do better when they team up, so I will try to reconfigure my list, so I can fit them both into my list.


13 September 2018

Drukhari – Dark Eldar Archon and another Succubus

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Getting ready for the upcoming team event in September, I found myself short of some WYSIWYG HQ-options for my army.

I did not have time to wait for a shipment from GW (UK). And since I already have built and painted the standard Archon and Succubi models, I decided that variety was the way to go. Hence, I dived into the “bit box” once more…

I found that the body that I usually have used with heavy weapons had an ok pose and decided to add some “extra bling” trying to create an Archon with a unique look. This is how he turned out.

Unfortunately, I was out of parts from the Wych kits. Crises! Hmmm…. But, I did have left over´s from the Venom kits. The trick (for me anyway) was how to fit a model designed to hang outside a vehicle to a normal base, and to make a close combat weapon that could pass as an Archite glaive. A left-over part from the old city kits solved the first problem, and by combining two different “spears” I made a what I think will be accepted as an Archite glaive.

Looking forward to trying them out on the battlefield.


10 September 2018

Space Wolves Razorbacks (and some other additions)

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I have helped Trond out with preparing his beloved Space Wolves army for an upcoming team event in September. I have taken the liberty of posting a few pictures on he´s behalf. 

I find the colour pallet of the Space Wolves striking and very cool looking! Trond wanted some high output and strong “dakka” for his army and decided to include two Razorback´s in his army. They where to be armed with Twin Linked Assault cannons. Unfortunately the shipping from Forge World was delayed. However, you never go wrong building the Twin Lascannon turrets for some options, and they will “count as” Assault cannon turrets in the team event in September.

Strengthening the infantry units, he also added a Wolf Gard Terminator Pack Leader armed with Frost claws.

Finally, two battle brothers where re-armed with Plasma guns.

Looking forward to facing them on the battle field.

Ørnulv and Trond

5 September 2018

Dark Eldar Succubus, some Kabalite Warriors and an Archon upgrade

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It’s been a while since I worked on my Dark Eldar army (2016). Having been occupied with my Ultramarines, upgrading my Tyranids and Imperial Knight army. I have started a project trying also to bring my Dark Eldar up to speed with the new Codex.

First out was adding a new Succubus to my army. A very beautiful, but very small and fragile model. I tried to paint her like the rest of my Wyches. It was difficult to mimic the pallet that I used back in 2011/2012, especially since the paints iI used for the skin tones back then are discontinued. But on the table, she blends in OK, I guess.

Not using her in a main army detachment, I wanted to keep her at a low point cost and went with an Archite Glaive and Splinter Pistol. Enough said, this is how she turned out.


In this version of the Codex the unit champions are a standard “upgrade” that comes free with the unit. To single them out, I have used my "Trueborn" (Kabalite Warriors without helmet), but I needed 2 more to have one distinct "Sybarite" to go with each unit. I had 5 Kabalite Warriors lying around in my bit box and decided to make the 2 Sybarites I was short from them.   

When I built the army, back in 2011/2012, I focused on Splinter Rifles (of course), Blasters, Dark Lances and Splinter Cannons for my Kabalite Warriors. Since the "Shredder" has become better and more point cost effective, for variety, I decided to arm the remaining three Kabalite models with Shredders. This is how they turned out:

Kabalite Warriors

I have several Archon models; one converted from a Kabalite Warrior and two converted based on the old Finecast model. Originally one of my Archons was kited out with an Agoniser. Since both the Huskblade and Venomblade in this Codex are very point cost effective, I wanted to re-arm him. But since the arms are so fragile I did not dear to use magnets. I therefore used a close combat weapon that could pass both as a Huskblade and as a Venomblade. I kept the Blaster (can be taken from the Index). This is how “Little Vect” turned out.


More to come soon. Cheers