30 March 2014

Ultramarines Makeover part 15 – Drop Pods

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I know – it was suppose to be Honour Guard etc, but I ”as I am required to take one for the team” – I had to finish my ”pods” for the upcoming ”Adepticon” event in Chicago:)

This was actually a nightmare. Two of my pods are the old Forge World pods. And back in those days I obviously did not clean them god enough, so when I pulled the masking tape - well, it is not an understatement that they received a ”makeover”.

Anyway, this is how they turned out:


29 March 2014

Kicking off an Escalation Challenge.

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So... It appears we're giving an Escalation Challenge a go.

I'm finally going to get my Traitor Guard project off the ground. Linus has lots of Daemons built and clamouring for colour, and Tom Erik was saying something about 'eight guys and a flyer' for March. I hear that André is putting an old idea into motion too, and Ørn will no doubt shame us all as soon as he finishes off his current projects and catches us up closer to summer.

We started with 250 points of our chosen army early this month, but I'm not sure how far along everyone's managed to get. I have my Infantry Platoon up to 'basic tabletop' standard, but want to take it a little bit further before posting, so I'm obviously behind schedule. I guess I'll have to rethink my next 250 points, and pick fewer models for April to compensate and get back on schedule.

There is the small matter of a new Codex right around the corner too. That's sure to prompt a few changes, I'm sure.

Hopefully, the other participants have managed better progress. Perhaps we'll even see some pictures here before Adepticon kicks off...


14 March 2014

Ultramarines Makeover part 14 – Vanguard Veterans

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As stated during my ”makeover series”, I had to take a break, build and paint something new. It was now time to continue the process of giving the whole of my Ultramarines army a makeover.

Next unit to update was my old Vanguard Veteran models. It was quite a project to remove the models from the base, and then cut of and file down the metal ”mounts”. I decided to change some of the weapons, and fix some old mould lines etc. when I was in the process giving the unit a makeover (of course). Also my painting skills have improved some (I hope) since these models where first painted, so it was pretty much a total overhaul of the models, not only weathering and changing the hue of them. And this is how they turned out:

Next article will be the last in this series of my ”makeover” posts; Marneus Calgar, Honour Guard and my favourite Chaplain in Terminator Armour.


7 March 2014

Ultramarines Tecmarine with Thunderfire Cannon

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Fritz/Way of Siam Han and Brother Sgt James speak so highly of this ”contraption”, I felt I had to have a go at it.

I am not a big fan of the Finecast-models, so I decided to have a go at the bit-box and see if I could scratch build a Thunderfire Cannon, hoping it would not look to awkward….

With bits from a Redeemer, City Sprues, Nephelim fighter, Plasticard, Tamiya 1:35 scale Panther and PzKf III bitz, I started out building one.
Adding tracks from a old Tamiya 1:35 Tiger kit (splitting the track in two, adding more plasticard and some left over Forge World bits), I managed to finish a model I hope makes an ok presentation of the idea of a Thunderfire Cannon.

Back in 2008, I bought a Tecmarine set (with servitors’). I always felt the vereos arms where ”over done”, so I selected some of them and pinned this old metal model to the point it could be used as a weapon. Anyway, this is how the models turned out:

Next – my old Vanguard Veterans needs a makeover!