25 December 2016

Ultramarines – Drop Pods (and some other stuff)

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It is almost 2 years ago that I finished painting a drop pod. Since then, I have wanted to enable my Ultramarines to make an all out drop pod assault.

It is always difficult to match a previous paint scheme. And the drop pods are quite large models, not in height, but with all the panels etc., it does take time to complete them. It was very satisfactory to finish my new project. This is how one of them turned out.

Originally, on my first two GW drop pods, I did not mount the constraints. Why – to make them match my first two drop pods – the original ones from Forge World. This time around, I decided to mount them on all the new ones, and then - the old ones. Actually, mounting them after having finished the pods, gave me the possibility to continue with adding details to the interior.

So, this is how the new batch of 6 new pods looks like.

Joining them with my previous pods; it’s a massive force to be reckoned with (I hope...).

Changing my numbering sequence, my two old Forge World pods are now dedicated transport for my First Company Veterans.
While I was at it, I also made 6 objective markers to accompany my Ultramarines. I applaud all who make markers – in my humble opinion; self made object markers in any shape or form, looks so much better than dice ore what not.

What next? Well, I need to bring my Devastators up to speed, and I have pledged to finish my First Company of my Ultramarines.

Being my last post this year; my best to you and your family, and I wish you all a happy new year.

Chaplain Eagle Wolff, signing off.