31 December 2014

Jørn's 2014 in review

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It's time, once again, to have a quick look over my shoulder to see what I happened this past year in the hobby, and perhaps compare it to what I had planned to do. Last year's review and pledges for this year can be found here.

I'll leave it to the other pledgers to go through their own year, but for my own part I fear I have more failures than successes to report:

Finishing the Basilica de Veteris.
If this project has moved anywhere, it has moved backwards. I removed the entire structure from its elavated Jackofoam base over the summer, but never decided on (how to construct) a replacement base. Since the structure is so large, I will have to divide it into four separate pieces for storage. I don't even dare think about transportability at this point.

Finishing another 1500 point/ of Traitor Guard, to bring them to at least 2000 points.
I haven't run the numbers for the models I do have, but I'm not sure if I have 500 points of Astra Militarum Traitor Guard. Then there's the new list in Imperial Armour 13... I should really study that a bit closer, to decide on a theme that fits the models I have on hand - both Guard and Chaos Space Marines.

Playing 40 games of 40K.
Not quite... I've played 30 games of 40K against almost half that number of opponents. Eight of those games were played at Adepticon in Chicago, and only ten were played using the 7th edition ruleset. I have been turning down at least half a dozen game offers lately, because I've wanted to focus on preparations for next Adepticon 2015.

Finishing the Chaos Warhound Titan, and play at least one game of Apocalypse with it.
While we never got around to playing any Apocalypse battles this year, I did manage to finish my Warhound Titan. It has been languishing downstairs in 'the cave' all year, staring at me every time I poke my head in the door.

+ - + - +

So what did I produce this year? One superheavy and fifteen Terminator'ish models, it seems...
I've got to be able to do better next year!!!

14 December 2014

BJ Brush Cleaner

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Not a very exiting post, but hopefully useful.

It works – it works – it does not work; It can be used to - dry brush something! Familiar with this feeling?

A while ago, I noticed a ”brush care” video at the ”Awesome Paintjob” channel. I have over 20 brushes at any given time, and although I try to maintain them well, I am still experiencing ”split ends” and ”rugged dry brush bristles".

My Kolinsky brushes costs between 50 -100 NOK each. "Bad bristles" does not only make the paintjob more difficult, but makes it costly as well.

So I thought it was a god idea to try out this product. A mug with hot water, some patience while rubbing the brush against my palm – and suddenly – they bristles where all smoth and to a point again.

I recommend this product,