26 October 2014

Hive Fleet Behemoth – Hive Tyrant and Tyranid Warriors update

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Greetings! I have been caught up with work and miscellaneous other projects, so I have been quite unproductive hobby vice lately. Feeling my motivation is about to return, I started working on a small project, refitting a unit of Warriors and a Winged Hive Tyrant with Devourers.

Funny how “small projects” turn out to be something quite different; I had to tear of the wings in order to fit new arms, this being the old metal model with lots of pinning, green stuff etc. – well, I finally finished the monstrosity.

Since this summer I have played my Tyranid army. Although they are not as competitive as they where in 5th edition, I still have fun playing them, much more then when I read the new Codex when it first came out, I must admit I got caught up in all the rant…

Anyway, focusing on “fun gaming”, I played a great game against a veteran Necron player a couple of weeks ago. I presented two armies my opponent could choose from, and I was really happy when he choose to go against a horde swarm.
The opposing forces

Hive Fleet Behemoth advances on the Necron line

First contact

Metal and Chitin almost annihilated each other

This was a particularly bloody battle. Almost no models left on either side. Very fun. When we left the gaming table we thought the Necrons had won, but during a drink after the game we had forgotten First Blood and Linebraker, securing a Tyranid victory by one small point. Honestly, it could have gone either way, a game to remember!


14 October 2014

Word Bearers Obliterators ...again! (Architecture of Aggression XXXVI)

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Must... Obliterate...

Has it really been four years since I completed the previous batch of Obliterators? Back then, we still wrote in Norwegian, so an auto-translated version might be (slightly!) more accessible to our international readers...

(Apologies for the Omnissiah's repeated insults to both languages.)

This latest group of inductees into the Obliterator Cult brings the total number up to nine. That means I can max out the available Heavy Support slots in a Combined Arms Detachment with Obliterators. I'm sure everyone else at TSB is pretty exited about that prospect! :D

Until next time...