27 February 2017

Crimson Fists Drop Pods

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More often than not, there is a significant amount of time to be saved in the long run by building/painting several models at once. If you actually have time enough available to actually take on mre than one at a time, though.

For this year's Adepticon I needed just one more Drop Pod to supplement the four I made two years ago. I have yet another few built and undercoated, but I didn't think I'd have the time to complete more than one so they will have to await their turn in... later this year, hopefully. I may even have to go back over this one again, or perhaps the four from before, then to bring a few detail back into line across the set.

This one, earmarked for the Devastator squad from a few weeks ago, will be joining the first batch as we're starting to pack up for the trip across The Pond. Now, if only that Primer Missions document could drop...


24 February 2017

Ultramarines – Devastators (with Graviton Cannons)

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My first 2017 project finally done; upgrading my 2. Company Devastators with Grav Cannons.

Almost forgetting how much work goes into hard lining, I was quickly brought back to reality when I started on these guys. I went a bit back and forth when it came to how to paint the Grav Cannons. My choice ended up with me having to re-visit my Bike Squad.

Anyway, the squad is now done. I am looking forward play testing them, and fielding them at the upcoming Adepticon 2017 Team Tournament.


13 February 2017

Crimson Fists Land Speeder

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The unit I hinted at being the next one - last time - is taking a little longer to complete than anticipated...

Who would have thought that hitting the same level of wear and tear as with the batch from a couple of years back could prove to be any sort of a challenge?

This Land Speeder hardly took any time at all to complete, however. I built and painted it during the week leading up to our last gaming-weekend at Ørn's place. It's actually taken longer to take a couple of pictures and to type up this little blurb.

We're all taking one along to Adepticon this year, as a cheap and fast no-really-that-threatening objective grabber for our Team Tournament games. Whichever one survives the most games - or any at all - gets a Purity Seal when we get back home! :P


1 February 2017

Crimson Fists Captain in Cataphractii Armour

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No Space Marine company is ever complete without it's Captain. Before the Rynn's World... 'incident' the Crimson Fists had access to as sizeable an armoury as any other chapter, and who knows what has been stored on various outposts and monasteries throughout the Ultima Segmentum?

It is a well known tactic to have a Cataphractii Captain join a non-Relentless unit with Heavy Weapons to confer his Slow and Purposeful universal special rule. I'm sure most of our regular readers - if we have any of those - realize I'm referring to the Devastator Squad with Grav-cannons that I painted late last year.

Most of you will also have recognised the base model as Captain Aethon from the Betrayal at Calth. I found both the Power Sword and the Storm Bolter in one of my Bitz-boxes, and don't really remember where they're originally from. It's a fair bet I got them off of one of my regular Bitz pushers, though, so I'm sure I can find out if there's a demand for it...

Next up: TIme to fire those retro-burners and bring in the final Transport Vehicle for my Team Tournament army.