31 December 2015

Jørn's 2015 in review

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He we are again, on the tail-end of another year. All across the 'blogosphere' there's one end-of-year article after another, reminding me it's time I got started on something similar here as well.

This year's Main Event has undoubtedly been the trip to Adepticon, back in March. I'd like to thank Teras Cassidy from Geek Nation Tours once more for taking care of a lot of details for us, so that we could focus in having fun. I also want to do a shout-out to all our opponents in the Team Tournament this year. From our first game to the last you guys were awesome. Of course, winning the Agressors award was a really fun surprise.

We also owe Ørn big, for all his help with making objective counters, display boards, bases for us - as well as helping with both ideas and some actual painting on a couple of our armies. Sadly, we will not be going 2016, but we will more than likely be back again eventually! :D

Sometimes, the 'grind' of building and painting an army for an event will take so much out of you that it takes a while after the event before you're able to get back in the saddle. Not so for me this year.

Looking back, I seem to have produced more than a dozen new units after Adepticon. Ørn's close behind with nine units by my count, including his five amazing Imperial Knights. Inger Helene, Tom-Erik, and Trond have finished a handful of units between them too - although not all have been posted here yet.

There's quite a few kits floating around the group's hobby tables in various states of assembly and painting, I know. It's too cold and damp outside to be able to (safely) spray undercoat anything, but we all have enough unstarted and unfinished projects to keep busy until the weather turns again, I'm sure.

I'll be posting all of mine here as I'm able to finish them. You can expect new units for both my Chaos armies and my Crimson Fists. For now, here's a Spartan that I just got some alternate tracks for.

Until then... Here's to an entertaining and productive 2016 for everyone!


24 December 2015

Dark Eldar - Grotesques - Ørnulvs #5 (Dark Eldar related) project 2015

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I posted an article on my Grotesques yesterday; instant feedback from my son (currently working on even more Carnis…), the venom canisters looked like ”light balls”, and they should have ”puss” and blood streaming from their surgery wounds and clamps. Oh well, an early Christmas morning and they have received a make over. I will keep my original text, but with updated pictures. 

It has been a while since my last post (Imperial Knights). In fact, I have not had the time ore energy to do any hobby work since this summer. But finally, I am back in the saddle again with several units about to be added to my Dark Eldar all ready fore painting.

The Grotesque model from GW is very expensive, and has one pose. Of course, I could try to repose them, but all in all I decided to go with a conversion from the Fantasy range. I used spare bits from the Dark Eldar Talos/Cronos set, as well as from Skaven and ordinary Dark Eldar kits. I also got to test my new “green stuff cable roller”.

I wanted them to have the same colour scheme as my other Dark Eldar units (Haemonculus), yet giving their skin a more tore and worn appearance. Of course this is due to the Covens constant alteration of their appearance.
Grotesque Aberration with Close combat weapon and Flesh gauntlet

Grotesque with Close combat weapon and Flesh gauntlet

Grotesque with Flesh gauntlet and Liquifier gun

The whole of the Grotesquery

Looking forward to more hobby activities and gaming in 2016.

Last but not least, I wish all of my fellow team members and all that follow our blog a merry Christmas!


6 December 2015

Bloodthirster of... Magnetized Anger?

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Sorry I missed my 'regular' timeslot last Sunday. RealLife (tm) kind of got in the way...

I'd like to be able to say I'll do better, going forward, but the Bloodthirster here marks the end of a nearly two-month 'hobby-spurt'. I seems I've run out of 

The kit went together really well! The biggest... 'issue' was deciding which pair of arms to use. I wanted to be able to use all three Bloodthirster-variants - without having to buy three models.

I quickly figured out that the giant axe for the Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage was the most restrictive weapon pose-wise, and used the arms that fit that one. Magnets in the wrists and the various hands allow me to swap between the variants as the mood takes me...

Lots (and lots) of surface texture allowed for a relatively quick drybrush-up-and-shade-down (repeat until happy) technique, allowing me to finish the model over a couple weeks worth of evenings. An old and mangled Space Marine Bike was repurposed for the base, and painted my favourite shade of blue.

With nothing left that's ready to paint, I'll be building kits from my on-sprue-and-in-bag drawer. I suppose I can do the occasional show-and-tell, once I have a handful of built kits.

Until then...