15 June 2019

Urban Ruins and other 40K Terrain features

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Back in December 2018 I finished some new terrain to go with my new battle mat. With limited space in my new apartment, it was time to clear out the old bit boxes and make as good use as I could of pieces that had been in storage for several years. My goal was to produce enough terrain pieces so I can fully field two gaming tables for private gaming events at home. With this project, I managed to do that. (Good news, everybody!)

My bit box contained doors from Forge World, old left-over sprues from the old GW city terrain sets, and miscellaneous other bits and parts accumulated over the last 10 years. I wanted to build playable “line of sight blocking terrain” and to add some new features. From various battle reports, fences caught my eye. Nice to have some terrain that some units struggle to pass through/over/under etc. For some variety, and trying to complement what I wanted to achieve, I bought some containers, barrels and storage cases. Now I am done with terrain (at least in Norway).

First out, a couple of pictures during construction, and then pictures of the finished terrain. Looking forward to trying them out on the gaming table.