11 March 2021

Ultramarines – Cataphractii Terminator Squad - 1. Company completed

Finally! It must be approximately 3,5 years ago since I started my quest for building the whole of the Ultramarines 1. Company to complement my 2. Company that I finished a decade ago (although I have added more models during this time period).

All Ultramarines models are now finished, except the Forge World variant of Guilliman, which will be a side project. No Primaris models exists in my Ultramarines army, and I do not plan to add any. I feel the original model range suits the project that I started so long ago. Also, I experience fatigue painting and highlighting blue and gold. My upcoming Primaris project will therefore be from another chapter and a very different painting style.

My last squad will probably be used as a "bodyguard unit" to my Cataphractii 1. Company Terminator Captain. Maybe I will revisit the 1. Company adding more “Command models”, but not for a long time though. Enough said, this is how the last 5 models turned out. 

Thanks for watching, until next time – stay safe and keep painting😀

Ørnulv – signing OFF!


  1. A monumental achievement, to be sure!
    Not one, but two complete companies.

    Have you tried putting together an army list with the models?
    ...for surely they deserve a proper outing, to celebrate!?!

  2. Respect! A great achievement. Just awsome. Great job!

  3. This. A dream for mortals. What are you made of, my friend? Narratively and storytelling wise I understand your love for the chapter even more now, but I suspect that a drive fuelled by stubbornness, extreme determination and that you more than any absolute hate to lose, played a significant part here. And by the way, the models look smashing!


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