31 July 2014

All is quiet on the northern front?

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The unbuilt miniatures in their boxes stops their calls for clippers and glue.
The unpainted hordes on the shelves quits their cries for primer and paint.

Silence fall over the tabletops.
No cries of 'Havoc' or 'Let slip the Dogs of War'.

- + - + -

While it may appear like nothing is going on in the TSB bunker complex, this is not entirely true. I do have a number of projects under way, and there are rumours of ‘Works in Progress’ elsewhere too.

I’m painting a dozen Chaos Terminators and a third squad of Obliterators for my Word Bearers army. A total of fifteen 2+/5++ Sv models, to add to the fifteen or so I already have. The idea is to actually make use of all the unbuilt CSM models I have accumulated. Perhaps there’s even room for future games with an Unbound Word Bearers ‘Anointed’ army.

To familiarize myself with the hows and whys of using an airbrush, I dug out some old Mordheim ruins. These were built using 1.5mm thick plain card instead of the printed sheets supplied with the box, but we stopped playing the game before I got around to actually painting them.

Before even considering what colours to use, I figured I had to base the ruins. I grabbed a suitable-sized piece of mdf, a permanent marker and the electric jig saw. I glued the ruins to their new bases, added a little sand and left them to dry for a few days, when that week's schedule allowed me to fire up the compressor.

Of all the Loyalist Space Marines Chapters out there, the one I’ve always thought I might one day to paint has always been the Crimson Fists. Already on the flight back from Adepticon this spring, we talked about what we’d do for next year’s Team Tournament. (Yes, we’re going. Teras is taking care of it.) It was quickly decided that we’d each paint up a thousand points of a different Chapter of Marines. My choice was made in a matter of seconds: A strike force led by Pedro Cantor. Ørn already have his Ultramarines, so he’ll be making bases matching his own for the rest of us. Trond and Inger Helene have their own projects under way too, but I’ll leave any updates on those to themselves. For my own part, I’m still putting the models together and plan to paint them all together, conveyor belt style.

Could be there’s a few too many projects going on at once here, actually. If only I could get this summer vacation thing over and done with, perhaps I should focus on finishing off at least a couple of them before I start anything new…

Planned/upcoming projects include…

…the Traitor Guard armour recycling projects.
…the Basilica Veteris large ruined cathedral project.

Until next time...


6 June 2014

Tyranid Harridan, Harpy and Hive Crone

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Harpy and Hive Crone

I bought the new Harpy/Hive Crone set the day the new NIDS Codex was realized for sale. Other hobby projects, and all the negativity towards the new NIDS Codex, reduced my motivation to ”finish” these models. Unfair really, as I think that they are cool looking models.

I bought two models. I decided to magnetise the models so that I could field them either as a Harpy ore Hive Crone. The heads and weapons are obviously different, so I used magnets to represent the two variants. The body and tail however had to be decided upon; I chose the variants that I thought represented the coolest versions (my minds image).

I also wanted to theme the bases to the rest of my (extensive) NIDS army, so I decided not to use the standard ”flyer base” (making sure the height was correct). This is how they turned out:
Harpy configuration with Heavy Barbed Strangler Cannon and Heavy Venom Cannon (both twin linked) and spore mines

Hive Crone configuration


I bought this model back in April 2013. When building the new NIDS “flyers” it was about time to finish this model. A massive construct. I decided to make a base/flyer stand that themed with the rest of my army, so I used the sturdiest parts from the GW building range I could think of, and used "heavy industrial magnets" as well as a centre metal spike to keep the model "steady":
The mighty Harridan

NIDS flying circus

What next? Zone Mortalis gaming table. Progress can be seen on: http://theeagleandwolf.blogspot.no/
from September 2014.


10 May 2014

Small april update.

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So a late and small update for April.
April was a crazy work month, So no big progress was made, but I got some work done.

The gaurdians colur scheme was planed and I painted the first 6, a simple and fast colur scheme was importent for me here. There will be about 30 gaurdians, so no plan to go into big details on them, So no white helmets :-)
A lot off Saim Hann gaurdians have black helmets, So this was my inspiration.

I also got some work done on my wraith knight, stil a lot off details left on him.
Not sure what to do with the gun, should I go black, red or somthing different? Any ideas?

For this month I need to finnish the knight and get some more Guardians done, was hoping to get started on my first wave serpent to.

And I need to play some game! Anyone up for some Eldar testing?

7 May 2014

Hobby progress - WIP

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So, here's a little update from the workbench in Bryn. No points progression in April, but some progress so far in May, and maybe some of these models will be ready for the tabletop in a not far future. One thing learned: Green stuff and the right tools is essential!

I have a lot of ideas when it comes to painting, but I would really appreciate what you think I should do with these four stars, maybe the furry gang in the back as well...

Lord of Change/Daemon Prince:
My idea is not that flower power painting scheme we see too much of, but rather a dark, still tzeentchish feel. My plan is to have some really striking highlight and contrasting colors, but the model in general is going to be dark.

This little grand old man is going more in the lines of the GW style, dark black, grey and some light variations. Hopefully I will manage to get this one some nice highlighting and contrasts as well.

Kairos Fateweaver:
Dark blue, some dark purple and the necessary highlights/striking contrasts.

Herald of Khorne on juggernaut:
Dark, dark blood red, maybe brownish black juggernaut highlighted with light red, orange to make it pop. The herald is going from dark brown to highlight. It's important for me that there is a clear distinction between rider and steed.

Any thoughts and ideas highly appreciated! :)


3 May 2014

Shrine of the Aquila – blown into pieces!

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I have to very large (and tall) terrain features; Shrine of the Aquila and Rafenereum. It has been suggested, for the ease of normal gaming, that I should make a structure that is more "open and easy” to use in smaller games.

I am currently thinking about how to build a "Zone Mortalis" gaming table. As I investigated my "bit box" I picked out all the bits that I would definitely not use and came up with this ruin:
The ruin in its place on one of the gaming tables.