23 June 2016


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 Time to take back the skies!

Stormwolf gunship.  This party bus, is bristeling with weapons, 2 twin linked multimeltas, twin linked lascannon, and a twin linked hellfrost cannon, that`s a lot of twin linked. Good for hunting enemy armour and monsterous creatures :)

With a solid Imperial armour value of 12 all around, it is durable, but no Land Raider.
This party bus can transport up to, say 15 fired up and ready to rock, undergraduates – aka Blood Claws, and their Deacon – Wolf Priest. Since this also is an assault vehicle – well you get the idea
So this is the first addition to my existing Space Wolf company of Harald Deathwolf.
More to come...

17 June 2016

Dark Eldar – Haemonculus and some other stuff…

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Both of my Haemonculus are equipped with Liquefier guns, and they where built before the era of magnets. So it was time to upgrade my collection with a new model, and try out the new kit.

I love the ”sneaky” pose of the new model. Full of details - it was great fun to build. Again I put a lot of work into blending the paint scheme between my former models and my new Grotesques; the most obvious difference being that I chose to paint the ”jars with elixirs” with my chosen ”powesupa colour” – orange.
I could not resist the temptation to put a mutilated body on the base.
Time to search for new victim’s to modify...

My Scourges where built before the Splinter Cannons got the Salvo rule, and before it was all about stripping hull points - instead of blowing vehicles up! 
I converted 4 of the Splinter Cannons into Haywire blasters.
Trying to make everything coherent, I also painted the ”jars with elixirs” orange, 
not only on these 4 guys, but on all of my 15 Scourge. 

Preparing for the TSB summer event in July, I found it appropriate to upgrade my object markers and adapting them to the Maelstrom of War missions.
I only had five of them, so I had to make a new one.
I fitted them on 40mm bases and added ”banners”
that where numbered from 1 – 6. 
What next? It is rumoured that my Dark Eldar have requested their Corsairs allies fore some flamer backup!