16 January 2018

Ørnulv´s 2017 in review – looking forwards…

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A little late, but still.

I only completed a handful of my goals set for 2017. A heavy workload, and hobby fatigue caused by that I took on to much work when the team preparation for the Adepticon Event, being the main reasons.
So what did, or did I not, accomplish?

Gaming; I did manage to host 4 gaming events; two at home and two at my summerhouse. Great fun. I also attended the Adepticon Friendly Tournament, and the Adepticon Team Tournament. As always, good fun with good friends. I really enjoyed the Friendly Tournament witch I attended for the first time. Trond also attended. I was about to pack my army when Trond scouted my name out loud, I did not get it first, but I won the tournament. Double the fun! Getting closer to the end of the year, I got a couple of games in, struggling with adapting to 8th edition. I hope I will be getting there during 2018…
Hobby; I did not manage to do any work on my Ultramarines 1. Company. Sad. During 2016 I almost built and primed all the models I need to finish my quest. I have to do better in 2018. However I did manage to finish:
  • One unit of 5 Devastators with 4 Graviton Cannons
  • One unit of 5 Sternguard Veterans
  • One Drop Pod kited out to carry a Dreadnought
  • Captain in Cataphractii Terminator Armour
  • Two marines packing Graviton weapons

- all of them fielded at Adepticon.
Well, not very impressive, when looking at my normal output per year. However, I did have the pleasure of helping two of my teammates finish and adjusting their own armies in preparation for Adepticon, and to lend a hand to our newest team member with he’s brand new Necron Army.

So what about 2018? First and foremost I would like to play more games, and play at least 4 games a month. So far in 2018 I have played 5 games, so I am on the right track. I really need to get a grip on 8th addition, with all three of my army’s… I have also scheduled 3 team events so fare.  And I would like to attend gaming events in Nottingham during this autumn.
I will continue to work on my Ultramarines and Tyranids, trying to make my take on them work. I will also adjust my dark Eldar army when the Codex finally comes…