10 May 2015

Flesh Hounds of Khorne - Jørn's Dogs of War

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"Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war".

What to do when $10 / £6 per model seems a little excessive for a unit of Flesh Hounds of Khorne? GW's own Dire Wolves costs just over a quarter of the above price. Even if you do buy the bases from GW too, you're still saving more than fifty per cent.

I've had ten of these assembled and primed for quite a while now, but was waiting on ten more that Tom-Erik brough around when we managed to get a game in a while ago.

With all twenty 'ready to go', I overheard somewhere that they went on 50mm bases now... A quick check on GW's web store confirmed it. Back to square one!

Of course, GW tells us we can use whatever bases we feel are appropriate... I could no longer get past how small the 40mm bases suddenly looked.

After a quick and fruitless round of GW's web store and a number of bits-stores later, I found a seller on eBay who had exactly what I wanted - at far less than the aforementioned web stores wanted.


21 April 2015

Eldar Corsairs Dire Avengers – Ørnulv #4 Project 2015

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“I am not certain what they are any longer…” - my statement regarding my last (at least for now) squad-units to go with my Eldar Corsair project.

Actually, I struggled with these models. It is obviously an old kit; lots of mould lines, many parts with pore fit and a pose making them tilt forward. I wanted them to stand tall, and had to use a lot of green stuff, pouches, belts with drapes etc. to close the gaps.

As with the rest of my Eldar Corsairs models, I wanted to tie them in with my Dark Eldar.  How to go about that? First of all I must admit that I have always felt that the Dire Avenger helmets are a little to “lofty” and bulky for my taste. They are ok, but not my favourite so to speak. Hence, I wanted something different, telling the story of Aspect Warriors “going bad”. What better way then using Dark Eldar “heads”... Also I used equipment belts from their darker keen to help fill the hip gaps mentioned above.

Again I wanted to keep them in line with the original Aspect Colours, but at the same time keep them in coherency with the my Dark Eldar ant the Wave Serpents. I went with dark blue metallic colours, dark brown red metallic, dark grey/black and the bone white used on the rest of my Eldar Corsairs. The faces are the same as my Dark Eldar.

This is how they turned out:
Dire Avenger

Dire Avenger Squads

What next? A Lord leading them into battle!


18 April 2015

Eldar Corsairs Warp Spiders – Ørnulvs #3 Project 2015

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And then they finally materialized!

Again I found the Finecast models being of high quality, with lots of crisp details. Once I managed to mount them on the stone bases, this unit was a joy to work on.

I have dreaded this ”jump unit” for years, as Trond have used them against us with great success. So when I decided upon an Eldar Corsair force to team up with my Dark Eldar, this unit was a “no brainer”.

As with my Fire Dragons, I wanted them to be grim and dark, yet keep them in line with the main colours of the Aspect Warrior colour scheme. I used a slightly darker red metallic than on my Fire Dragons, and exchanged the original black colour on the back packs with a metallic dark rust-brown colour, to tie them in with the rest of the Eldar Corsair / Dark Eldar colour concept. Again a bone colour was used to theme them in with the Wave serpents (and the Sails on the Raiders/Ravagers). Enough said, this is how they turned out:
Warp Spider

Warp Spider Squad

What next? I am not certain what they are any longer…


16 April 2015

Eldar Corsairs Fire Dragons – Ørnulvs #2 Project 2015

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In my previous “Eldar Corsairs” post back in January, I stated: “Time to bring on some heat…”

So, finally, they are done – my Fire Dragons. My progress have been slow because I got involved in a joint venture in order to get our army’s ready for the Team Tournament at Adepticon (lots of fun, se separate posts).

Anyway, as previously stated, my goal is to make my Eldar Corsairs look grim, almost Dark Eldar like, but at the same time with a clear link to the traditional Aspect Warrior colours. For my Fire Dragons I chose to go with a dark reed metallic look in the same painting style as my Dark Eldar (and the Wave Serpents). I chose to go with a dark brownish metal and bone white fore the same reasons.

These Finecast models where very detailed, and actually a pleasure to paint (after green stuffing the small holes that are found on this type of models). Drilling and pinning to the stone bases worked out fine. Always a challenge to hard-line and then using metal washes to blend it all together. Nothing really turns out exactly as I want it to, but I am pretty ok with the result. Anyway, this is how they turned out.
Fire Dragon
Fire Dragon Squad

What next? I hear a low pitch humming. Is something about to materialize out of nothingness?


9 March 2015

Space Wolves - Adepticon 2015

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*** +++ *** +++ *** 
Logan had gathered his company commanders and battle leaders in one of the great halls of Fenris. As always, someone where missing out, on missions in the name of Russ and the Emperor.

A scribe entered the hall, moving silently towards Logan. He bowed and handed over a datasleet. Logan studied the message; he handed it over to Njal and demanded attention! The room fell silent. “Brothers, we have been called to aid our battle brothers of the Ultramarines, Crimson fist and the Black Templars”! A commotion started in the room, insults were uttered and Ragnar started laughing. 

Bjorn took a step forward and again the room fell silent. Njal and Logan looked at each other. Harald, this task is yours. Ragnar drew his breath as if to speak out, but was cut short by Logan. Even though this requires drop pod deployment, we recognize the use of Harald and his wolves as a key element in this mission. “Muster your force and be ready to launch as soon as possible”. 

The old wolf looked back at Logan, he grinned and revealed his canine teeth. “I will make sure that this will be a saga to remember”!

*** +++ *** +++ ***

As I am sure you all have understood by now, my Adepticon 2015 Space Wolves army is now finished.