23 August 2015

Eldar windriders

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With the new Eldar bikes models it was time for me to add som bikes to my Saim-Hann army, and off curse a Farseer on bike.
With the new codex they also have some new options, something called a Scatter laser that along with the Shuriken cannon will give this unit a lot off firepower.
I went with 5 bikes with a Farseer as the first Windriders  unit, 3 Shuriken cannon and 2 Scatter lasers, and with some "guide" from the Farseer this can be a threat to most infantry models.

As Saim-Hann are the Wild Host off the Eldars these bikes will not be the last, I am already working on some more bikes, and some Vypers to add some heavy weapons, that may scratch some Knight armour :-)
There is also a Warlock on bike on my painting table, I discovered in the last game that my Warlock needs to be a bit more mobile.

9 August 2015

Imperial Knights – House Hawkshroud

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When the first Codex Imperial Knights came out, I was very drawn to the models and the concept. When I discarded my idea of building an Imperial Guard Army, I bought 3 Imperial Knights. But, I never got around to building (or painting) them until I attended the Adepticon event 2015 (where I bought my Forge World Castigator Knight, see separate post). And when the new Codex Imperial Knights came out (about at the same time), well – why not field 4 variants at the same time?

I wanted the models to theme with my Ultramarines, hence I chose a base with "desert look", but the size of the base and models compelled me to add some ruins so that they “told a story”.

A picture of one of the 4 bases before priming

With 3 kits of the ordinary Knights, and the new kit, I decided to magnetize not only the torso and legs, but most of the weapons as well. Thus, I can field several of them in different configurations (I had to build from scratch a second Avenger Gatling Cannon as well as some rocket launchers though).
A picture of the main guns being magnetized

A picture of all the parts after washing (before priming)

Early on I decided that my Knights should come from House Hawkshroud. Why? Because they are famed for being the most Imperium-loyal of the Knightly houses, and always known to aid when called for. Hence, I was inspired “fluff wise”. They are also the only (named) Knight house that incorporate markings and badges from their allies, and that show variety in their Standard and Personal livery. For me, variety was key.

The “Family” from House Hawkshroud that is Oathsworn to my Ultramarines has chosen the Imperial eagle (and Eagle) as their Personal Emblem, and they have inverted the House Livery and Personal Livery on the left shoulder shields. They have also chosen to incorporate the campaign badge shown on my Ultramarines vehicles, and to add the Ultramarines markings (in black) as part of the Personal Livery. I wanted them to look a little torn and worn. 
Sir Philip DeMalvoisin, pilot of the Imperial Knight Errant – the Vengeance

Sir Ralph DeVipont, pilot of the Imperial Knight Paladin – the Accuser

Sir Hugh De Bracy, pilot of the Imperial Knight Warden – the Retribution

Sir Front De Boeuf, pilot of the Imperial Knight Crusader – the Avenger


What next? I have a Zone Mortalis table to finish, plans for expansion of my Dark Eldar Army and my Ultramarines army. One of them I guess…

By the way, the names of the pilots and the knights are themed from to very different ”sagas”. Anyone recognizing them?


6 August 2015

Cerastus Knight Castigator - House Hawkshroud

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During the 2015 Adepticon event in Chicago, one of our team members encountered a Cerastus Knight-Castigator. I thought it was a beautiful model, and knew I just had to get one. The day after, as soon as Forge World opened their sales stand, I bought it.

I started the project in May. I have worked with models from Forge World before, and I have experienced “paying the price” for not “planning ahead “ and “cleaning” the parts properly before undercoating them. This time, I took my time.

As this Knight primarily is going to fight alongside my Ultramarines, I decided to make a base that matches them, adding some ruins in order to accommodate the large base and model.

The model was ok to build, and I pinned extensively. 

I used 100mmX100mm disc magnets connecting the torso and legs. And since there are no weapon options, this was the only magnetising I decided to do.

Now, what colour scheme to choose? Since my Dark Eldar, my Ultramarines and my High Elves have a blue colour scheme, I intended to use a main colour that I have not used before. At the same time, I knew I wanted them to look a bit torn and worn. It was also important that the “house” I chose gave me the “right feeling”. “Oathsworne”, “no request for aid shall be denied”, and their use of markings and badges from their allies attracted me. It had to be – House Hawkshroud!

Behold; Sir Brian De Bois-Guilbert, pilot of the Cerastus Knight-Castigator – the Executor

What next? The Ultramarines have requested further assistance from house Hawkshroud.

30 July 2015

Chaos Cultist recruitment drive (Architecture of Aggression XXXIX)

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I have - for quite a while now - been using Crypt Ghouls to represent Chaos Cultists in my Word Bearers army, while slowly accumulating cheap Dark Vengeance Cultists. After finishing the Maulerfiends a few weeks ago, I've been prepping, building, converting and finally paining thirty-three all at once.

(When I get around to the rifle-armed ones, please someone stop me from doing them all at once!)

I originally used the ten cultists I already had painted up as reference when I started painting the new ones, but had to give them a touch-up to make sure I could mix them in with the new ones. Consequently, they're included in the pictures below...

Next? I've got a really big box next to me here, as I'm typing this...


9 June 2015

Word Bearers Maulerfiends (Architecture of Aggression XXXVIII)

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What's perfect alongside a big pack of Flesh Hounds of Khorne, when they've already have a Herald? (...or Chaos Lord, perhaps. I still havent been able to give Chaos: Khorne Daemonkin more than a cursory glance.)

A couple of Maulerfiends would extend the theme perfectly, I felt. I already have a Forge Fiend that I'm pretty much underwhelmed with. These two, on the other hand, can join the "Kennel Club" rush for my opponent's lines and add to the number of threats that have to be dealt with - sooner rather than later.

The idea is to enable my opponent to make the wrong choices during his turn. These two models, like their smaller cousins, can move fast enough to catch almost anything on the table.

Even though these guys really like to act like they're the biggest badest mofos in the valley, with some of the latest codex releases the facts of the matter is that they're a little over medium sized boys at best.

That means that I can't just throw these guys forward without regard for how intervening terrain will aid or hinder them or what the models directly across the table can to to them before they can get to where I want them. I'll still have to keep my wits about me to get the most out of these models too...