25 November 2020

Death Guard: Terrax Assault Drill

Legends or fully part of the Death Guard army? Time will show. Finally managed to finish this lovely model. As usual in the end I felt I just had to finish this one before being 100 percent happy. Looking forward to trying it out on the battlefield, but as we all know, it will probably be transfered to a part of a CSM detachment.

Really liked the old rules. The updated datacard is not worse, maybe even better. A shame that the drill is only Legends for Death Guard now, but maybe I can find a way to sqeeze it in.


  1. Nice job!!!
    ...especially on the glowing hot drill bit.

    I take it you haven't acquired the new Imperial Armour Compendium yet...
    From what I'm gathering online, most Forge World units are not able to have the Death Guard (or Thousand Sons) legion-keywords, but I suppose we'll all let you get away with it...

    ...once, until we get to experience how effective it is. ;)

  2. I have got it. DG can only use it as Legends. But time will show...

  3. The problem is: You like it, you buy it, you try it, then GW throws it down the drain. So maybe a CSM detachment will be a thing...

  4. Very - very nice paintjob my friend! Please live it at home next time we play ;-)

  5. Thanks. And we'll see what clever options I can bring to mind next time. But the Termite is good, also alone as harassment objektive cleansing. 8", WS4, BS3, S7, T8, 14W, 3A, Ld8, 3+. Degrading. Melee Drill: S14, AP-4, D3+3 dmg (D3+6 against vehicle). Melta cutter: 12" Heavy5, S8, AP-4, D6 dmg (D6+2 half range). Two volcite chargers (instead of combi bolter or heavy flamers): 2*Heavy4, S5, AP0, 2 dmg (unmodified wound of 6=MW).


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