30 April 2020

Ultramarines Vanguard veterans

Expanding and adapting the 1. Company, I decided to rearm some of my old metal Vanguard veterans, giving them some Storm shields and a Thunderhammer.

Next was to add a Veteran Sgt. and a Vanguard veteran with a Thunder hammer.

Going for the whole of the first company, I felt compelled to add a whole unit of Vanguard veterans with jump packs. Beautiful models, but they took a long time to build and paint. But in the end, I am happy having chosen them. This is how they turned out



  1. This! Is really good! You've done a heel of a paint job there. Love the thunderhammers and helmets. Interesting units for your army too.

  2. Really enjoying seeing these (final) updates to you First Company!

    Have you tried constructing a Battle Forged army, using just these models? (Attaching command staff Characters, as necessary to fulfil the Detachment criteria, of course.) How many points are we talking about?

  3. Thanks guys, for the positive feedback! More to come :-)

    Yes, I am playing around with a list where the 1. company is predominant. Not very competitive though, but hey – my competitive tournament days are over…

    When it comes to finishing my 1. company, I still have to finish a couple of units. I hope the last of the units will be finished by the end of June, so I can focus – finally om other projects.

    Stay tuned :-)


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