17 February 2019

Dark Eldar – Venom

So, it was time to add Venom number six to my army. This time I chose a “different” head on the gunner, so that it stands out from the other ones, making it easier for my opponent to single it out if I want to use it as a HQ transport etc.

Originally, I built all my Venoms with 2 X Splinter Cannons. This time I have magnetized it, so I have more flexibility, and when I need those extra points elsewhere. I have tried to match the colour pallet from back in 2011, and I am pretty happy with the result.


Old and New

What next? Moving to a new flat will take some time, but my Coven faction needs troops.


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  1. As gorgeous as your 'Aeldari' colour scheme is on vehicles... Was a sixth Venom really necessary?

    Just kidding! :D
    It'll be nice to be able to keep track of where you're hiding your HQs without having to interrupt your scheming to ask at the start of every turn.


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