3 November 2016

Eldar Corsairs Farseer Skyrunner, Spiritseer, and some more dakka

Finally I am finished with “mopping up” the last of the models I decided to add to my Dark Eldar and Eldar Corsairs/Eldar army this time around.

My Eldar Corsairs/Eldar army needed more HQ units to accompany the rest of the units. After several discussions over a period of a year, Trond generously provided a Farseer Skyrunner to compliment my Windriders, and of course, their darker kin.

As usual, I had to make some alterations. Wanting to keep everything “dark and gloomy”, and making a statement showing this particular Farseer has diverted from the true path of the Eldar, I decided to mount him on a combination of a Eldar/Dark Eldar Jetbike. Now - how to arm him? I wanted to arm him with a weapon that portrays that the Farseer has “gone bad”, and that could be used as a blade and/or as a spear. Hence, I combined a combination of Eldar/Dark Eldar weaponry. It was also obvious to my that my Farseer should have the same colour scheme as my Dark Eldar HQ units, being true to the former Dark Eldar Codex cover art that (possibly) portraits Asdrubael Vect. Anyway, this is how the model turned out.

To babysit, or enhance, my Wraithguard unit, I decided to ad a Spiritseer. I love the fluff behind this character. Its obsession with connecting to the departed, I just had to add a staff /spear from the Dark Eldar range with skulls. I used a old school white metal Warlock model as a base for my interpretation of a Spiritseer that are drawn even more to the departed (and the Dark Eldar).

Two are good, three are awesome! Trond had an Eldar Warvalker model to spear; He kindly gave it to me as a gift (THX Trond). I of course had to alter the model to match my previous two Warvalkers, adding the “bat-wings”, chains and spears/spikes (and a Dark Eldar head). Great fun to build and paint. This time I chose to fix the weapons.

What next? Time goes by fast… Going to Adepticon 2017, I have to add more units to my Ultramarines army.




  1. That's some pretty significant upgrades to your Not-so-Dark Eldar right there!

    Bringing the War Walker squadron to three models, I'm sure you'll find the unit's output impact significantly increased. The Spiritseer and Farseer will enable you to more selectively boost other units as well.

    Are you sure this is just a "Small Allied Contingent" still? ;)

  2. Cool add-ons to your already cool army. I bet those additions will synergise well with other units in your lists, and be a nut to crack for your opponents - us.


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