25 November 2016

Crimson Fists Librarian

It seems I've been holding out on you...
It's been completely unintentinally though, I assure you.

In-between working on the new bases for my Crimson Fists and building and painting the two Tactical Marines equipped with Multi-meltas for the "I am Alpharius" event in Nottingham earlier this year, I also 'threw together' a new Librarian model to replace the one I'd made for Adepticon 2014. In the rush to get ready to go to Warhammer World, I seem to have forgotten about posting pics of the model.

The previous Librarian model served me well at the Team Tournament, but I felt that it was lacking a few details, and wanted to make a new one to correct those. Mainly, the lack of a visible Psychic Hood and a proper Force weapon bothered me.

Time was as short before the event as the one I prepared the previous one for, and I didn't have any of the new Librarian models on hand. I did have a handful of Grey Knights Bitz squirreled away, however, so I used those to build a more suitable Codicier. The left shoulder bears one of the Imperial/Crimson Fists shoulder pads from Forge World, while on the right one I've put one from the CSM Bikers kit. Loading my old GW hobby knife with a fresh scalpel blade, I cut away the arrow, leaving the horned skull symbol of the Librarium in place.



  1. A great example of smart kit-bashing. Looks like Mark VIII - especially fond of the broad and high rised neck part. And the left hand pose looks like thunder, fire or lightning are just about to go off! Great job!

    1. The hand is from the Sternguard kit, I think. I did pick it specifically to strengthen the 'casting' pose.

  2. Very nice pose and strong paint job :-)



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