2 November 2014

Word Bearers Chaos Terminators - third batch (Architecture of Aggression XXXVII)

...and it's a whopper!

Alongside the Obliterators featured last tuesday, I've been working on a full squad of Chaos Terminators with Power Mauls and a few Combi- and Heavy Flamer. I've also completed the two models above to enable the use of two of the default five-man squads I've been using since I painted up the first batch of 'Annointed"'way back in the summer of 2009 and the smaller addition three and a half years ago.

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  1. Absolutely fantastic Jørn! In these pictures the vibrancy in your colour scheme really shows all the different layers and techniques that is applied. I particularly like the application of green, and the vicious looking “Sgt” head is just awesome!

    So, we both have 30 Terminators finished - time to deploy them on Calth soon?

    Again, congratulation on finishing both the Obliterator’s and the Terminators! Good luck with your next project☺



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