14 October 2014

Word Bearers Obliterators ...again! (Architecture of Aggression XXXVI)

Must... Obliterate...

Has it really been four years since I completed the previous batch of Obliterators? Back then, we still wrote in Norwegian, so an auto-translated version might be (slightly!) more accessible to our international readers...

(Apologies for the Omnissiah's repeated insults to both languages.)

This latest group of inductees into the Obliterator Cult brings the total number up to nine. That means I can max out the available Heavy Support slots in a Combined Arms Detachment with Obliterators. I'm sure everyone else at TSB is pretty exited about that prospect! :D

Until next time...



  1. Jørn, late comment, but hopefully good! This is a marathon project for you now, and the gothic, dark, sinister models tells everyone why. They fit perfectly into the grim universe we love, and the Word Bearers' background is reason enough to collect them. Your choice of models representing the obliterators, is of course sensible. The original models is ugly, but these do them justice. Very nice color template, the combination of the striking metallic red, silver and all the dark is stunning. Almost gives me the feeling of something from Mars ... but who knows ...

    1. We've talked about this on several occasions, but I'm not sure if I've written anything on why I went with converted/kitbashed Chaos Terminator models rather than the official Obliterators.

      - I never did care for GW's take on the models. The slabs of stretched flesh at random locations on the outside of the armour never made any sense to me.
      - The plastic Chaos Terminator box contains parts for five models for a lower price the Obliterators box of three and allows for each model to be unique, with 'a little customization work'.

      Given those two factors, the choice was almost made for me...

  2. Hmmm, I actually posted a comment on this one, it must have got lost in the Warp, sorry about that Jørn.

    Excellent work as always! I know how hard it is to "revisit models", getting new models in line with productions done years ago, it is tricky.

    I am so looking forward to you fielding them (3 X 3 Oblits) under our fluffy soft games! Kidding – bring them on, I will splinter them to death – not – maybe melta them to death – if I can get to them – I will… I guess I end this comment as it started out – Hmmm..



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