3 February 2013

Shrine of the Aquila – Ørnulv´s February 2013 work in progress # 1

It’s been one of those very nice and long weekends! I have played two great games on my new desert table, and also found time to work on my “hobby pledge” for February. Can a weekend get any better?

After “ending” my work on my city terrain several years ago, I had lots of various bits and parts left. I also acquired a couple of sets from Linus some years ago, one of them was the “Aquila”. I have always wanted to build one more “monumental building” to go with my city table, so I bought a couple of extra kits and “dived right in”. One of the goals was to use "all" of the parts that where “undamaged”, and I also wanted a building that was intact; meaning I would have to handle removing floors in order to be able to use different levels (hobby tip - GW fantasy movement trays works great) during war gaming (as well as for painting purposes). I started assabling - confident I had plenty of parts for the project.... As it turned out the building became so big I needed some extra panels, thx Jørn fore coming to my rescue!

Anyway, here are some pictures of the assembled building.
As I am currently also working on my new city table (and my “servitors in the crypt” are working late elsewhere this week ;) ), I am not sure if I am able to paint this one before the end of February. But at least the assembly is finished.


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  1. So... Are you ever going to get around to building a couple of tall buildings, instead of all these low-rise ones? ;)

    Joking aside; I really like how the Shrine of the Aquilla combines with the older Basilica and Sanctum Imperialis Cities of Death kits.

    Looking forward to seeing this all painted up.


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