28 February 2013

40K Gaming Table – City of Death – Ørnulv´s February 2013 hobby challenge - end report

During the first two weeks of February I got plenty of work done on my new urban gaming table. But after getting the flue on my winter holiday, I was just able to finish my primary objective in time to post this “end article” before March. Puh!

Well, here are some pictures that show painting in progress, and some pictures with terrain: 

The Urban table has received its basecoat; lots of PVA glue thinned in water mixed with acrylic paints.

The Urban table after painting and dry brushing.

The table after receiving a coat of warnish, and after the resin water effect was applied. I also applied some patches of dead grass and dark green grass.

The buildings had a black/grey base colour. This did not blend inn with the brown foundation colour, or “desert” sand look, so I re painted the bases on all the buildings.

I also gave each building a brown wash and a light dry brush of desert yellow in order to blend them in even more.

In March I hope to finish my new building, and also to finish the “Techno Bridge” that goes with the destroyed bridge in centre.

Looking forward to playing on this table. A lot of work has gone into this table.



  1. This is looking really sweet, Ørn!!!

    It seems a little more open than the urban warzones we've been setting up on the old tables, but I'm sure this'll work out just fine too.

    1. The are-terrain (buildings) is placed for illustrative purposes.

      Barricades, tank traps and craters are under way…. However, in combination with the city hills, the levels do block line of sight giving some interesting tactical challenges. And not at last, I must make certain all of my Venoms and Devastator’s are provided with optimal conditions…. ;)

  2. Wonderful, realistic, playable. Hope to make that game in a not too far future ;)

  3. I am speechless, this looks fantastic! I hope we can get a game on this table soon. Looks very good with the "light" patches here and there. Nice work! This is better then playing at Warhammer World :-)

    1. THX Tom Erik:) I gues I will finish the last building, tank traps etc, by mid March. Love to play a game facing of against your Necrons:)


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