14 February 2013

40K Gaming Table – City of Death – Ørnulv´s February 2013 work in progress # 2

Thought I should post some pictures of the design and building of my new 40K City of Death gaming table.

This is actually the first out of two gaming tables. This table will feature the Basilica, the Shrine of the Aquila etc, whilst the second board will be an “industrial board”. The two boards link
in two combinations. As with my “desert” themed gaming board, I have gone for a concept board. It will of course not provide me with much variation, but that is something I had to sacrifice in order to achieve the design I wanted. I wanted this board to theme with the desert board, so I decided to go for a city in a desert wasteland.

I stared designing the layout over two years ago. And I struggled with the design up to the very last minute. Anyway, here are some pictures from the initial steps taken some time ago:

I used 3cm polystyrene on top of 15mm MDF. The plateaus (city hills) are made from 5cm Jackofoam, and the roads are cut from Capaline. Space is left for a canal and buildings.
This picture shows the construction of the “ramps” that connects the “plateaus” to the road system. It was important to make them wide enough to fit a Landraider and the angle so that models will not “fall over”.
In the corners of the plateaus I made an impact crater so that a vehicle can decent in other areas than from the ramps (taking a difficult terrain test of course).
Since I use melted resin as water effect, I had to “close” the edge of the canal so that the foam does not melt, so I came up with this design.
Applying my PVA glue/plaster/concrete/sand gupmix. I also used various platicard strips, and parts from the city kits, to mimic support of both the walls surrounding the city canal and the plateaus.
The last picture during the building phase. All the details are in place, sand glued on and the gupmix applied.
The next series of pictures will show the completion of the board (providing I have luck with pouring the hot resin).




  1. I'm sure this table, too, is going to be awesome to play on. You've been turning the plans and ideas for this table over in your head for quite some time now, as you said yourself. Good to see they're finally coming to fruition.

    Also, nice to see so many details and ideas I can ste... err... be inspired by when I want to replace my own current tables.

  2. Looks great so fare. My boyz are ready for a battle soon, so hoping to get a game on your new table in the near future:)

  3. I had the chance to see this in "real life", and this looks realy promising. I love the high ground for the big buildings, and I think this table will be one off the better ones I have seen. Looking forward to follow this progress!

  4. Sorry for the late commenting. It looks great, as usual Ørn! Hoping for a game on this table in a not too far future ;)


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