15 January 2013

Necrons pictures

As promised here are some pictures of my Necrons.
The army is about 2.200 points now, but at the moment I am painting up more infantry and some stalkers. Aslo need some more Tomb Blades, love those models!
As i am learing to play with these robot types I have found out that infantry is the thing! And some Crypteks with "veil of darkness"....
Hope to take them out for a new battle soon.

And at last a little teaser of what to come...
( very much vip as You can see...)


  1. I really like the red with the metallic, the contrast makes the models striking. The "new" Necrons models are so cool I almost wish I could find time to expand my first 40k army from 2001...

    And those boots looks familiar...

  2. I have had the pleasure of seeing this army “up close” and playing against it. Looks great! The “green contrast” colours “pop” and supplements the rest of the armour very nicely. Looking forward to facing them soon.

    “She’s got legs, and She knows how to use them”…. Dreading facing this one, but I have faith the Emperor will protect and guide my Warhound Scout Titan in the inevitable confrontation between them!

  3. This is indeed a striking army! I had the pleasure of fighting against it last week, and urge the rest of you to take it for a spin too.

    Still forging a narrative of the game though... Hope to have the report out before the weekend.

    Not sure I'm quite ready for that Phantom, though. Got to get my own Superheavy ducks in order first.

  4. hmmmmmmmmm phantom.... My revenant is only in the building phase, but hopefully ready to escort the marvel og wraithbone construction vs the pityfull mon-keighs

    The Necrons??? Seen them, played them, looks great :) The paint scheem is very nice, and it works really great on the tabletop and on display.

  5. What paints did you use to get that red if you don't mind me asking? I really want to get a good deep red look like that on some of my Chaos Marines.


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