19 November 2012

TSB "all weekend" Gaming event

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An all weekend gaming event. Unfortunately only 7 players made it. Still, it was a fun gaming weekend with lots of good food, drinks, laughter and some… frustration (mostly due to bad dice roll).

The comp was: 2000p, one Force Organisation Chart, no Allies, no Mysterious Terrain ore Mysterious Objectives.

Andreas Chaos army

Andrés Dark Eldar (Last Hatred)

Trond´s Craftworld Eldar (Biel Tan)

Inger Helene´s Orks

Jørn´s Chaos army (Word Bearers)

Ørnulv Space Marines (Ultramarines)

(Tom Erik, sorry my picture of your Necron army came out very blurry).


Chaos vs Chaos (Word Bearers)

Craftworld Eldar (Biel Tan) vs Dark Eldar (Last Hatred)

Spacemarines (Ultramarines vs Orks)

Do you feel lucky? Well do you Boyz!?

Craftworld Eldar (Biel Tan) vs Necrons

In the blue corner…

… and in the reed corner:

Something evil is lurking in the dark…

16 November 2012

TSB “all weekend” Gaming Event (with guests)

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The battlefield is ready. Let battle commence!