18 September 2012

Aegis Defense Line & Quad Gun (Countdown to Extinction II)

Funny how there's nothing quite like an upcoming tournament to get that hobby mojo flowing...

I started these yesterday, and finished basecoating the barricades before supper today. I then spent pretty much the entire evening doing a little drybrushing and a lot of playing around with a few of AK Interactive's wonderful weathering products.
(More on those later, I think...)

The actual colour on the pieces are a little lighter than in the pictures, but that's what you get with hurried shots and the less than ideal lightning conditions of two minutes to midnight...

Only one more model to finish now, before I've got everything painted and ready for this coming weekend.


  1. That's amazing! Must get hold of some weathering stuff myself!

  2. The weathering effect is really cool. Looks more real and battered. Nice

  3. Are we talking something from this page? ;)

  4. Bingo! What I've used above is 'Streaking Grime for DAK' from the 'Afrika Korps Weathering Set'.

    I bought it directly off of AK-Interactive though...


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