25 September 2012

40K 6th Edition Game Sequence reference

A number of people commented on the 40K Game Sequence Reference Trond, Ørnulv and I used at Invasion. I passed out the few I had spare, but so that anyone who want to use it can, we're making the document available right here on the blog.

Just right-click the pic to the left, and save the PDF-file on your computer before printing out however many copies you want.

...and if you find that we've made an error, forgout about something or if you feel we should add something - don't hesitate to comment below or email us.


  1. This will ad value to many players, good initiative Jørn!

  2. Having used this the only thing I can think of to add would be a reminder, perhaps in part 7 to re-check Night Fight at the start of turn 5 if you didn't have it turn 1.

  3. Done! It now reads as follows:

    7. During the game
    7.1. At the start of turn five, roll for Night Fight again if it didn’t occur on turn one.
    7.2. After finishing turn five, roll 3+ to play turn six. After turn six, roll 4+ for turn seven.


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