29 May 2012

Gothic Architecture II - Leftovers

It's beeen a while, but it seems I finally have a little bit of hobby progress to show...

I started by spraying the ruins with GW's textured spray paint from quite a few years back. I'm not sure if I still have enough for the entire Basilica, but I'll have to deal with that in due time. Anyway... The next step was to first spray-paint the roof with GW's Chaos Black and then the walls with Army Painter's Skeleton Bone. A little cardboard to prevent overspray was all that was required. The doors and windows then had a matt black craft paint brushed on. Several coats was required to acieve a complete coating, but I recon an airbrush will let me do that more effectively for the 'main event'. Next, the ruins got a light grey drybrush on all(!) surfaces before this hightlight on the windows got overbrushed with GW's Chainmail. Finally, I sloppily painted the sand on the base level and upper floors with the brown from our table project last year and sprayed it with soapy water to make it run and (re-)reveal the drybrushed highlights.

Oh, and the roofs. Back and forth with drybrushed Dwarf Bronze and Dark Angels Greeen washes. Not very scientific, and rather time-consuming. Watching paint dry, and all that.

So, there you have it! My first update in a long time.
I'll try not to leave it quite as long until the next one...


  1. Delicate, simple but very impressive and looks extremely playable. Love the dark colors. Looking forward to the giant structure ;)

  2. We have all struggeled a little with the footing in one or two of the ruins I've built earlier, so this time I've tried to balance the amount of rubble in the big ruin against the playability of cleared floors.

    The smaller building's not really a Ruin, so that's been left clear on purpose.

  3. Sorry about not commenting earlier! A comment is absolutely overdue.

    Very playable indeed (almost to playable…?) and with a very nice colour scheme (as usual). Looking forward to se it live and to you finish “the big one”.


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