26 April 2012

Dark Eldar – Lelith Hesperax, Lady Malys and Asdrubael Vect – ØRNULVS APRIL 2012 PROJECT #3

Lelith Hesperax; This model makes me almost wish she where real..... A true killing machine. 

Again I decided to use my ”blue metallic” colour scheme, and to use my standard grey/black spandex Wych scheme. Al models have some cloth in ”pale sand”. Being without any cloth, I decided to paint the battle torn standard in this colour to tie her in with the rest of the army. This is how she turned out (she a pairs more glossy than she is):

Lady Malys; I just love this model. Once Vect´s consort, now Arcon of the Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue, I hade to give her a somewhat graceful appearance. 

To tie her in with the rest of the army I once again used the ”blue metallic” scheme on the armour, picking out elements in a layered mix of Tin Bitz/Bronze/Gold. The skin obviously match the pale skin colour used on the rest of the army. Inspired by the cover image on the Codex I decided to go with dark red on the robe. Having a power weapon, I decided to paint the crystal in the ”orange” colour scheme that I have used earlier.

Asdrubael Vect; Again the front cover on the Codex where used as inspiration. As with Lady Malys, I used the main elements of the army’s colour scheme, trying to add extra detail.


  1. Very nice. Your conversions came out really well, and your paintschem is great. So is your skill with the brush. Very good!!!!

  2. They look very nice!!! I especially like Lady Malys... She looks vicious.. ;)

  3. They look great. What model did you use for Malys' base? Is that a GW model? Looks familiar.

  4. Not sure if Ørn's seen your comment, so I'll take this one.

    The Lady Malys model is the Vampire Countess from Avatars of War. The base is just a regular plastic GW base with a piece of slate.


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