26 February 2012

Razorback KONGA!

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Ultramarines (Ørnulv) vs Word Bearers (Jørn) 1750p

Annihilation – Pitched Battle

Ørnulv´s initial remarks: After having had a go with a “crash together list” with HQ at 365p (in a 1750p game….) it was time to get serious and use one of my “standard lists”. Initially I had intended to use Assault terminators, but since these where “safely tucked away” at home my “only option” was to go with my Razorback army list. Finally the dice where pretty descent; Annihilation – ok, Pitched Battle – yes, First turn – YES!


The battlefield was crammed with craters and ruins. One Devastator Squad took position on the top floor of a factory ruin on the south east side of the battlefield. They would have to move first turn to get a good and clear line of sight. One Devastator Squad in centre inside a ruined building, and the third Devastator Squad took position in a crater on the south vest flank. Two Razorbacks where deployed in centre behind cover, and one on each flank. The three Tactical Squads of 10 men each where spread out with the Lascannons in forward positions, Librarian Wolffgard joining the Tactical Squad to the south vest (why did I not put him in centre?). A Rhino lurked behind cover south vest.

Three Obliterators took position on the top floor of a building in centre north. On ground level the second Obliterator unit took position. To the north east three Rhino’s entered the battlefield in a “forward position”, partially in cover, containing two units of Chaos Marines and one unit with Khorne Berzerkers. They where joined by a Winged Daemon Prince. To the north vest two Chaos Dreadnoughts.


The Ultramarines kept the initiative, adjusted their position, and opened fire. Nothing decisive happened, but at least two Obliterators where killed, and one Dreadnought would not be able to fire next turn. The Daemon Prince managed all of his 4+ invulnerable saves! The Chaos army surged forward popping smoke. One Rhino got stuck in a crater. The Obliterators and the Daemon prince opened fire. Few Ultramarines where killed, and none of the Razorbacks where heavily damaged, but two of them would not be able to return fire next turn.

Suddenly the 24” gap between the two armies seemed almost to have disappeared. If the shooting failed this turn the Chaos army would be in assault range next turn. Librarian Wolffgard ordered his troops to keep its calm, adjust their position, and to open fire. The last Obliterator on the top floor fell, one Dreadnought lost his Plasma Cannon and one where Stunned. A Rhino in front where stunned, but that was all. Once again the gun line seemed to have failed. I was in the need for something to drink, and the host complied. The Chaos army moved forward to the south east, the Daemon Prince assaulting one of the two Tactical Squad inside the factory (ground level), killing several (they where unable to regroup and flew the battle field. This monstrosity would surely chew through the next Tactical Squad and at least one Devastator Squad during the battle. Damn! At least the Prince of Darkness was two wounds down. The Chaos army continued to open fire, but where unable two take out any units, but managed to reduce the number in two of the Devastator Squads.

Time to regroup, but was it to late? The two Ultramarines Dreadnoughts moved forward to protect the unengaged Tactical Squad in the factory (who desperately where trying to put distance between themselves and the Daemon Prince) and the centre Devastator Squad. The Razorbacks in centre moved vest. The Razorback on the fare east flank moved northeast also trying to escape the Daemon Prince, but did not move so fare it would be unable to open fire. Once again the Ultramarines opened fire, and this time the gun line worked. The centre Chaos Dreadnought lost its Plasma Cannon, and the second Dreadnought its close combat weapon (last remaining weapon). The immobilized Rhino in the crater to the north blew up, and the Berzerker Rhino was set on fire. The last Rhino in forward position got its tracks blown off. The Daemon Prince was wounded once again. In the Chaos turn the Daemon Prince assaulted the other Tactical Squad inside the factory, but they held their ground. The Chaos Berzerkers engaged one of the two Ultramarines Dreadnoughts, and the Chaos Dreadnought in centre took up position opposite the second Ultramarines Dreadnought, backed up by the Chaos Marines who disembarked their Rhino. A power fist tore of the Ultramarines Dreadnought weapon. The other Ultramarines Dreadnought survived the fire from the Chaos Marines. The Chaos Dreadnought to the north hid behind cover.

The Chaos army was to close fore comfort. The Ultramarines centre line would not be able to withstand assault from Khorne Berzerkers, a Dreadnought and a Chaos Marines unit. It was time to make a tactical redraw. The devastator squad in centre embarked a Razorback, who in turned joined two other Razorbacks, forming a KONGA LINE, moving north vest behind cover. The centre Dreadnought backed into the centre ruin. The Tactical Squad to the south vest sector embarked their Rhino heading north vest. Again the Ultramarines opened fire. This time destroying the Chaos Dreadnought to the north, and inflicting wounds on the Chaos unit in centre, also destroying the Chaos Dreadnought in front of them. The Daemon Prince did not manage to kill of the Tactical Unit in the factory ruin, but several Ultramarines fell. The Khorne Berzerkers tore of the last of the Dreadnoughts close combat weapons, but in survived the onslaught. The centre Chaos Marines unit did not manage to take out the second Ultramarines Dreadnought.

The KONGALINE moved north vest in order to escape the Chaos Marines centre units Meltaguns. The Razorback to the east moved northeast. The centre Dreadnought following after them. The Rhino to the vest adjusted its position, so also the Devastator Squad to the south vest. The remaining Chaos Rhino in centre where destroyed. Again the Dreadnought survived the battle against the Khorne Berzerkers, but the remaining Tactical marines where killed by the Daemon Prince. A unit of Lesser Daemons that had arrived from deep strike earlier, and who had been hiding behind a large rock formation in the northeast sector, started moving towards the lone Razorback to the east. The Daemon Prince assaulted the remaining Devastators on the top floor of the factory building, wiping them out. It did however lose a wound as its wings scratched the rubble (one wound left). The Khorne Berzerkers finally managed to destroy the Ultramarines Dreadnought in centre south, joining the Chaos marines in the hunt for the remaining Dreadnought and the Razorback KONGALINE. The Obliterators adjusted their position and managed to immobilise the centre Razorback in the KONGALINE.

The KONGALINE broke formation, taking up firing positions, two out of line of sight of the Obliterators. However, they could still be threatened by the advancing Khorne Berserkers and the Chaos Marines. The last Ultramarines Dreadnought moved forward to get between them and the Razorbacks. Heroic, but utterly stupid! The Razorback to the east backed 12”, away from the Lesser Daemons, trying desperately to avoid the wrath of the Daemon Prince. One Obliterator fell, and the Chaos Marines took casualties. However the Ultramarines Dreadnought did not manage to assault them! The Daemon Prince once again spread its wings and jumped from the towering factory towards the Razorback to the southeast. The Chaos Marines and Khorne Berserkers approached the remaining Ultramarines Dreadnought. They did not manage to penetrate its armour; neither did the Obliterators manage to inflict serious damage to the immobilised Razorback. The Daemon Prince prepared to destroyed the Razorback in the southeast sector, but rolled two 6 on 2D6. The following D6 turned up as a ”1”, and it lost its last wound! The Word bearer general was utterly frustrated, and the Ultramarines rejoiced!

It was over. The Ultramarines had taken its revenge against the Word bearers after being defeated in the previous engagement.


Ultramarines 7 – Word bearers 4

What do you mean the Teleportarium is out of commission?!?

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As our regular readers will know, Ørnulv has been building and painting like a madman since before Christmas. This has resulted in a lot of really nice models, but he hasn't been getting many games in... This had to be remedied, and the obvious solution was to do an all-nighter with me.

After sitting around an chatting for a bit, we decided to make a 1750pts list each and roll up a standard mission. It was only when he started to unpack the models he needed that Ørnulv discovered that the only models he hadn't brought along was the Terminators. A quick Tearing-off-hair-from-head later, and Marius' Callgirl... err... Marneus Calgar showed up with his Honour Guard to take the place of one Terminator squad, while Chaplain Desticado scrounged up a handfull of Veterans.

The lists looked a little like this:

Marneus Calgar with Honour Guard in Land Raider (blue).
Chaplain Desticado with Veterans in Land Raider (black).
Combat squad in Razorback (Tl. Lascannon)
Combat squad in Razorback (Tl. Lascannon)
Combat squad in Razorback (Tl. Lascannon)

Daemon Prince with MoT, Wings, Bolt of Change & Warptime.
Dreadnought with Plasma Cannon and Heavy Flamer
Dreadnought with Plasma Cannon and Heavy Flamer
Full Berzerker squad in Rhino
CSM squad with PFist, 2 Meltaguns & Icon in Rhino
CSM squad with PFist, 2 Meltaguns & Icon in Rhino
Minimum squad of Summoned Lesser Daemons (with a picnic basket)
Full Obliterator squad
Full Obliterator squad

We rolled the Capture & Control mission with five objectives, and Pitched Battle deployment. Winning the roll-off for initiative, I chose the western table edge and spread my Word Bearers out along the edge of my deployment zone. Ørnulv clustered around the ruin just south of the road, with jus one Razorback on the far south end of his deployment zone.

Ørnulv did not manage to steal the initiative.

Turn one
I moved my entire army, except a Fire Frenzied Dreadnought and the Obliterators on the roof of the ruin in my deployment zone, forward popping smoke and staying in cover as much as possible. The Daemon Prince managed to Immobilize Marneus' Land Raider and the Obliterators in the Ruin Destroyed the northernmost Razorback.

Ørnulv moved Desticado's Land Raider up six inches and turned it towards the two Rhinos speeding down the road, destroying the lead vehicle. One of the Obliterators in the Ruin also too a Lascannon shot through the chest.

Turn two
My daemons popped in behind my rearmost Rhino, and went to cover near the closest objective. The debussed CSM squad moved north towards another objective. The Daemon Prince flew over next to one of the Razorbacks, preparing to shoot and/or assault it. My Obliterators Immobilized and Stunned The second Land Raider...

...and at this point Ørnulv called it. I'm not sure exactly how many dice he'd thrown thus far in the game, but far more than his fair share had come up ones. In stead of continuing a pointless game Ørnulv forfeited so he could dig up the Razorspam list instead, and we could play a proper game...

25 February 2012

Ultramarines vs Necrons

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Ultramarines (Ørnulv) vs Necrons (Per) 2000p

Seize Ground – Spearhead
4 Objects – one in each table quarter – in cover (ruins).

"Although brand new versions of the Necrons have been detected, we trust and pledge our faith in the Emperor of mankind, and in the old Codex Astartes. We shall not yield!"
- Chaplain Desticado Ultramarines 2 Company


The Ultramarines deployed first, in the southeast part of the battlefield, taking cover behind a large ruined building. No reserves! The Necrons entered the battlefield to the north vest, and would partially be forced to advance over a narrow channel (difficult terrain). A Doomsday Ark towering in the corner, flanked by units of warriors and in the centre of the table Immortals. Imoteck and a Necron Warriors unit taking cover inside the building in the north vest sector, guarding the Necron “home objective”. In forward position to units of Canoptek Scarabs backed up by 3 Canoptek Spyders. A unit of Destroyers and 2 Necron Warrior units where kept in reserve.


Imotekh the Storm lord decided not to press forth, so the Ultramarines kept the initiative. Chaplain Desticado Assault Marines moved vest taking cover behind a building and closing in on the objective in the south vest table quarter. Behind them, a Dreadnought and a Rhino with Tactical Marines. In centre, 2 Vindicators and a Razorback with Combat squad adjusted their position. Heading northeast a Rhino with Tactical marines, a Razorback with Combat Squad, a Vindicator and Assault Marines. It was dark! The centre Vindicator located one of the Scarab Swarms and turned on the searchlight. Only a handful of Scarab swarms survived the opening barrage.
Imotekh called upon the wrath in the skies – and thunderbolts of lightning fell upon the Ultramarines. However only one unit was hit, the Assault Squad with Chaplain Desticado to south vest. The lighting bolts managed only to penetrate one of the marine’s power armour. The Doomsday cannon unleashed its energy and blew the tracks of one of the centre Vindicator’s. The Spyders spawned new scarabs, and the swarm advanced towards the centre of the battlefield (behind cover). The warriors on the northwest flank advanced south.


Imotekh concentration broke! Both darkness and the electric storms were gone. To the southwest the Assault Marines adjusted their position behind the building with objective inside it, followed by a Dreadnought that was flanked by a Rhino. In centre the Razorback and one Vindicator adjusted their position facing the advancing Scarabs. To the east the Assault Marines moved forward taking cover behind a huge pile of rubble mid table quarter, flanked by a Rhino (popping smoke) and a Dreadnought. The Razorback to the east decided to go full speed after them, but the tracks jammed. Damn! Again the Ultramarines concentrated their fire on the Scarab units, killing several. The Razorback in centre did not manage to hurt the Doomsday Ark.
The enormous Doomsday Cannon opened fire, managing to tear the tracks of the second Vindicator in south centre (fortunately for the Ultramarines, both Vindicators in centre south had a good firing position towards the centre of the battlefield). The Spyders once again spawned new swarms before heading south. The Scarab swarms closed in on the Ultramarines tank line. One more turn and… To the vest the Warrior unit advanced south heading for the building with the object in the south vest corner. Entering from reserve to the northeast, two units of Warriors with a Crypteck. They unleashed their fire on the Rhino, tearing of its bolter and its tracks.


Fore the Emperor! Chaplain Desticado and his Assault marines surged forward (over the build in the south vest corner), facing the Necron Warrior unit, and assaulted them. Several Necron warriors where killed, but the unit managed to hold they ground, as splintered metal parts re emerged as new warriors almost returning the unit to its starting number. To the north east the Assault Marines unleashed their flamers, assaulted and cut down one of the Necron warrior units. The Tactical Squad inside the Rhino disembarked, opened fire, and assaulted the second warrior unit. Necron Warriors and their Crypteck managed to hold their ground as metal parts once more re emerged as new warriors. The Razorback to the southeast and the Dreadnoughts combined fire with all 3 Vindicators, killing all but one Scarab. Again the Razorback in centre opened fire on the Doomsday Ark, but did not manage to penetrate the Quantum Shielding. The Rhino in centre vest moved a little forward.

A massive bolt of energy tore a hole in the engine compartment, crippling the Razorback in south centre’s engine (this was the third bulls eye!). The Scarab attacked the Rhino in centre, but did not manage to inflict damage. The Spyders centre vest assaulted Chaplain Desticado and his Assault Marines who where locked in combat with the Necron Warrior unit they had assaulted. In the battle several Necron Warriors fell, but the Spyders managed to kill several Ultramarines and the battle ended in a tie. To the north east a Destroyer unit entered the battlefield opening fire and assaulting the Assault Marines. Marines fell, but held their ground. The Necron Warrior unit to the northeast (locked with the Tactical Squad) did not, and where cut down.


Damn little things! The Dreadnought to the centre have had enough of the annoying little boggers, attacked and killed the remaining Scarab swarm! To the vest all but Chaplain Desticado fell to the wrath of the Spyders and remaining Necron Warriors. Deciding he could be needed later elsewhere, Desticado decided to withdraw and left the combat to the south. In centre the Vindicators did not have range to any targets, and popped smoke claming cover from the Doomsday Ark. The Razorback centre could yet again not manage to damage the Doomsday Ark. To the Northeast the Dreadnought and Tactical squad moved vest-entering cover next to the object in the northeast table quarter. The fight between the Assault marines and the Destroyer unit continued without a decisive outcome. The Combat Squad inside the immobilized Razorback to the southeast recognised the danger the Assault Marines and Tactical squad to the northeast where in, embarked and surged towards them.
The Spyders to the west moved towards the building in the south vest corner. Behind them the remaining Necron Warriors. They tried to gun down Chaplain Desticado who lost a wound. The Immortals in north centre moved east potentially threatening the Tactical unit close to the object in the northeast sector. The Doomsday Ark – missed (for the first time). The Destroyers and Assault Marines continued their close combat, again without decisive outcome.


Chaplain Desticado closed in on the object in the south vest corner, ready to assault the remaining Necron Warriors/contest the objective if they tried to advance on the objective in turn 6. The centre Dreadnought entered the same ruin ready to support him if the Spyders covered the Necron Warriors possible advance. The Rhino in centre moved flat out closing in on the channel to the north vest. If they’re where to be a turn 6 the Tactical squad inside could potentially threaten the Necron warriors unit holding the Necron “home objective”. The Tactical Squad to the northeast centre surrounded the objective in that sector, and the Dreadnought took position to come between them and the Destroyers should the Assault squad fall. The Combat Squad closed in ready to support them. The Dreadnoughts and Razorback east opened fire against the Immortals in centre north – annihilating them!
The Doomsday Ark opened fire but did not manage to destroy the Rhino closing in on the Necron “home objective”. The Spyders now close to the building to the south vest, supported the Necron Warriors to the south vest. Finally the Destroyers managed to kill the remaining Assault marines to the north east, preparing themselves for turn 6.

The host rolled a dice – it was over.

Ultramarines 2 – Necrons 1

Comment: Having acquired the “new” Necron Codex, having fought them and read about them on the net, I do think this is an army to be reckoned with. Ad to that – “easy painting” with lots of cool models yet to come – why not?

22 February 2012

Dark Eldar Ravagers – ØRNULV FEBRUARY 2012 PROJECT # 2

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Tired – but happy!

The last 14 days I have been working on my 3 Heavy choices. The 3 Ravagers was an even bigger undertaking than the 3 Raiders. Firstly the construction was much more difficult as I needed to paint various parts before final assembly. Secondly, the parts are so “fragile” I hade to make “field repairs” on several occasions. Thirdly these models do not only consist of 3 vehicles with various parts in positions difficult to paint and highlight, but meant building and painting 12 crewmembers. I must admit though, that the pain is worth it! GW has definitely maid some beautiful models when creating the new range of Dark Eldar models.

The weapon platforms are removable so I can build separate turrets with different weapons. Enough said, this is how they turned out:

21 February 2012

40K Abroad - Games Workshop Paris "14e"

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Once again, Trond and I took les Dames abroad - except it could really be the other way around. Never mind that though! Let's do a quick synopsis before we get to the object of this article.

Day one we got up almost before we went to bed to catch an early flight from Oslo to Paris. We went out for breakfast after having checked in at the hotel, and then spent most of the day exploring the spectacular example of gothic architecture that is Notre Dame de Paris. We started the second day by climbing the 660 stairs up to the Eiffel Tower's second level followed by the 130 steps down into the Catacombes de Paris. Amazing experiences both of them, each in a very different way. I can't quite seem to get my head around the fact that there's more people interred in the catacombs than there are alive in Norway today.

Anyway... We finally had time to stop by a GW store while the She-who-comes-first went shopping on their own - to make sure we didn't dare stay too long, I suspect. As we stepped through the door we we greeted by Antoine. He graciously showed us whatever we wanted to have a peek at from the cabinet. What really piqued our interest was this:

By combining an Arachnarok Spider and a Tervigon kits, they had created a rather unique creature to represent a Scythed Hierodule. I especially enjoyed how the Arachnarok face had been integrated with the Tervigon head.

Antoine also showed us the store Necron army and his own Dark Eldar; the Cult of the Bared Breast. How's that for a French Connection? ;)

20 February 2012

Team Stormbolter went to Paris, France

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And I didn`t even get a t-shirt!;)

I guess Jørn will take over later on - posting pictures and stuff, but for now - my humble report.

Jørn and I visited one of the GW stores in Paris. I guess our wives kinda hoped we wouldn`t find it, but Jørn had visited google and marked of "the importent" sights before departure.
We found a helpful frenchman with som really cool miniatures - Jørn, pictures please:) From my point of view, I think that the approach to the game is very similar both in France and in Norway. Making cool conversions, building a strong, good army and having fun.
The store was a bit on the small side, but a couple of gaming tables (not full size) and a paint station should take care of most of it.

Anyway shopping at GW is not always the cheapes option, but I got away with 2 warwalkers at 50 Euro. A bargain compared to Norwegian prices. So now there will be 6 of them
Jørn - take it away!

13 February 2012

Multiple Combats - Jørn's very belated January update

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I've been hammering away on this (off and on) for close to three weeks now... About bloody time I stop procastenating and actually post it!

I have made (a little) progress both on project my Big Terrain Project and finally got started on the New Army Project too. More on these very soon, I promise!

I managed to get no less than six games in too, putting me well ahead of the curve to reach the goal of playing at least forty games of 40K this year. I won't be doing separate reports on any of these, but here's a quick rundown and a few pics:

The 16th - Trond's Eldar, 2000 points
It was week three, and I'd yet to play a game this year. Trond to the rescue - or so it seemed.

When he arrived, we rolled up Annihilation and Dawn of War. I won the initiative, and deployed a CSM squad around their Rhino close to the centre of the table. Trond elected to keep everything off the table, ready to move on turn one. In my first turn I moved the CSM squad back into their Rhino, and backed off down a road. The rest of my army moved onto the table to the right of the Rhino. Trond used the entire length of the table when he move on. In his shooting phase he rolled two tens and one eleven when checking the distance his War Walkers and two Bright Lance Wave Serpents. The Berzerkers' Land Raider promptly blew up, and the Rhino in front of my other Land Raider was Immobilized.

In my turn two, I immobilized my remaining Land Raider trying to go through the ruined Shrine of the Aquila. I got off a couple of shots with my Obliterators, and killed a Vyper or War Walker. Trond, already up one kill point, moved everything he had up to his right hand flank - out of line of Sight and Range of most of my remaining firepower.

I figure I could see how this would proceed: Trond would be keeping all his softer stuff where my Obliterators couldn't see it, and focus fire on my Rhinos. I'd be lucky to get even a couple of VPs, and his dice would really have to go cold for him not to net at least three. I let him shooot at me some more, and forfeited the game after his second turn to spare him the embarrassment... (That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!!)

The 18th - André's Dark Eldar 1500 points
A couple of days later I popped over to André's place to beat on his Dark Eldar a bit. Once more, we rolled Annihilation and Dawn of War.

Since the last time I played André, he'd been building a couple of Venoms and accompanying Blasterborn squads (Isn't that the term?) of three or four models with three blasters each. He also had an Archon with an Incubi squad in a Raider, two/three Ravagers (all lances) and an assortment of Warrior squads also in Raiders.
This game he managed to focus his fire and time his assault a lot better than previous games, and I ended up with my army pretty much holed up in one table quarter with most of the Dark Eldar out of range. I managed to down the HQ Raider early with the single pair of Obliterators that turned up round two. With a Run roll of five (or was it six?) they still got assaulted and wiped out. The most notable serie of events was probably when the other two Obliterator squads as well as the small Terminator squad gunned down everyone except the Archon and a single Incubi - who proved to be more than up for the task of killing the remaining 2+/5+ models in close combat.
In the end I was stuck with five kill points to André's seven.

The 19th - Linus's Nurgle CSMs, 1500 points
The third game this week was against Linus and his Nurgle themed CSM army. Guess which Mission and Deployment we rolled up!?! That's right... Annihilation and Dawn of War.
I've always struggled a little with his Daemon Prince/Plague Marines/Landraider lists (Probably more than just "a little" too, I'm honest.), and this time was no exception. While his Rhinos are just as squishy as my own, the added Land Raider and two Vindicators ment I had to focus my fire elsewhere long enough for them to get to good positions. When the Berzerkers concistently killed a model and change below average, and my Obliterators failed to do anything at all in the last two rounds of the game, Linus won with four Kill points to my three.

The 24th - Trond's Eldar, 1500 points
The only thing to do to break a loosing streak? Play another game! Trond came back with a pretty much transport-free list. Not quite a standard Foot-Eldar army, but about as close as he'd ever been. Again the mission was Annihilation, but at least we got the Spearhead deployment for once.
I'm not going to go into details here, because... Well... They're a bit foggy to be honest. Suffice to say that even though both our tactics were relatively sound, the dice went absolutely bonkers. An Eldar Avatar not even hitting once on the turn he charged my Berzerkers, and then getting chopped apart. The entire Berzerker squad subsequently dying to a squad of Dire Avengers. A CSM Aspiring Champion going three rounds of Close Combat against a Harlequin Troupé Master and his cronie without anyone being able to finish anyone off. A squad of Fire Dragons running like the little girlies that they are from three Terminators (Granted, one was my Coryphaus.) only to catch two or three Plasma Cannon muffins in the very last turn.
All in all, it was enough to make Trond do a rant on his hatred for dice a couple of weeks ago.

The 30th - Trond's Eldar, 1500 points
For what would be the last game of the month, I drove down to Trond's place. We ended up playing a couple of games on the old and battered - but still very much playable - terrain he's got stashed away. Among those terrain pieces are the very first ones I made - some 17-18 years ago.

Of course, I didn't think to bring a camera.
...but surely the host should be able to provide.

Our first mission was Seize Ground with Dawn of War deployment. After Round three, my army was still largely unscathed and in position to hold at least two and contest another two of the five objectives. The Eldar force, on the other hand had lost most of its heavy hitters, largely tanks to my Obliterators hitting and wounding with practically every single shot and Trond being totallyunable to make any saves whatsoever. Only a masochist would have wanted to grind through the last couple of turns, so we ended it right there to be able to play another game in stead.

For our second game we rolled Capture & Control (aka Roll Dice and Tie) with another Dawn of War deployment.
I won the Initiative yet again, and deployed the Rhino with the Berzerkers about as close to Trond's objective as possible. Trond deployed his Avatar, Storm Guardians and Dire Avengers around his objective. First turn I moved the Rhino full throttle straight towards the Eldar position, making sure to deploy all my Smoke markers to ward off any incoming fire. I'd left my Obliterators and Terminators in Reserve so only had my CSM squads in their Rhinos to move in from my table edge.

Trond brought the rest of his army on and opened up on the Berzerkers' Rhino, finally getting a few shots past my smoke screen and assaulting them in the ruins of their transport. Enough of the Berzerkers survived, however. In particular the one with a Personal Icon. Enter the Obliterators, and pass the Promethium. Did you know Harlequins burn like paper dollies?!?

In the end Trond managed to see me off his objective, but had nothing left to go and contest mine. Finally! An utterliy devastating game with reasonable dice on both sides. A glorious end to a month with more games than any I can remember.

10 February 2012

Dark Eldar Raiders - ØRNULVS FEBRUARY 2012 PROJECT # 1

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My “first Dark Eldar army list” includes 4 Raiders with Dark Lances. I wanted to unite the Raiders with the Infantry units I have made, so I constructed the crew on 2 Raiders with standard Kabalite armour and 2 with Kabalite/Wych armour. The latter could of course be used transporting Kabalite Warriors, but theme well with both my Wych units and Trueborn Units.

Painting Raiders takes a lot longer time than I had planned. The metal/lining colour scheme was a whole other undertaking on a larger model. In addition the process also meant painting 8 infantry models.

Filled with hate, rage, and the need to feed on others pain and fear, I recon the Dark Eldar will start mutilating and torturing as soon as possible (not waiting until they return to Commorragh after a raid). I therefore implemented elements of mutilated bodies and severed heads on the Raider decks. These could of course also represent “Grisly trophies”. So how did the Raiders turn out?

My 2 Kabalite Warrior Raiders:

Mutilated bodies, spilled guts and severed heads:

More gory details….

Close up of one of the "Wych/Trueborn Raiders":

The finished ”Raider Fleet”:

What to do next?

6 February 2012

40K Abroad - GW in Berlin

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Berlin. Sure, the history and pictures are impressive, but nothing beats visiting the real thing.

Sure, there are still areas suffering from the destruction after WWII, and even the sad attempt to rebuild parts of the city under communism. However, the majority of the old buildings that had a potential to be rebuilt, are rebuilt (one can still se plenty of bullet holes although they are “repaired”). Still there are buildings under renovation. Even during this process the Germans pay attention to "detail". Canvas showing the building, as it will look after restoring, is hung all around the supporting structures. I love London, but the gothic style of the colossal buildings, all surrounded by wide roads (streets), wide pavements and green midsections, makes this city stand out! A city full of life, hope and expectation of the future. Full of restaurants, museums and excellent shopping facilities, indeed a city worth visiting!

A visit to one of the local GW stores is mandatory. So after a couple of beers I found one of the local GW shops only 500m from my hotel. The store was quite big, with 6 gaming tables, a large painting table and combined demo table. Lots of people visited on the Saturday when the new LOTR supplements where revealed. As always the “crew” where service minded. It was a little odd to se all the books etc in German (only forge world books and black library books where in English). What disappointed me was the table view standard of the models on display, and that most of the players were allowed to field unpainted (ore even unsprayed) models. Kudos on the standard in GW Oslo (models on display and on their gamming tables).

Nonetheless, the EURO was favourable, and therefore some items found its way into my suitcase. The most impessive "item" in the store was this full size Space Marine:

Fore those with an historical interest, I enclose a photo of me in front of the Reichstag. A building that was close to destroyed – still under reconstruction – a true inspiration fore new Imperial terrain projects! And I must admit - standing on the stairs one cant help feeling the urge to build an imperial guard army (of course with no reference to the darkness this building has witnessed in the past in reality - intended!).