25 January 2012


To sum it up.... I hate dice...
So from now on, anyone who wants to play wargames with me must abide by the following rules:
Rule nr 1: NO DICE! All dice rolls are considered to be the mathematical average of the dice toss.
Rule nr 2: Abide by rule nr one!
Subsequently it can be decided by a game of poker, 5 card stud, or stone, scissor-paper, or a short game of chineess checkers or another way of settling an outcome. I just don`t wanne see any more dice!! I hope that at least Ørnulv will agree with me ;)
If I had played Axis and Allies yesterday I would have won at the end of turn 1 no matter which army I had selected (The roll of one is a good thing in AA)

So for the remainder of this week I will not toss any more dice!

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  1. 'Ere we go - again!!!

    Is there anyone out there who can hook trond up with somewhere he can buy himself a set of dice that'll seem to roll slightly above average?

    ...and a pair of balls! :D


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