3 November 2011

Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors - ØRNULVS NOVEMBER 2011 PROJECT # 1

After receiving some constructive feedback during initiation of my battle bunker last weekend, I decided to make alterations to my first colour scheme.

The loincloth was repainted in a lighter tone, and the sand at the base was made lighter. I also added more Tin Bitz/Chestnut ink to specific weapon parts, toned the “blood” down a bit and added, “light dots” to the lenses (using the same colour as I used on the loincloth and sand). I the hand varnished the model using Vallejo Satin Varnish mixed with water.

This is not a “dip” or “dry brush” only job, these are the colours used:

I am pleased with the result and have decided to use this colour scheme on the army (se below). The photos are still not “perfect”, but should give you an idea of the end result:

The second Kabalite Warrior squad was finished last night:

And then they where 20! 20 more to go…..


  1. Very nice indeed. Keep up the good work. The standard of your first batch of minis where very good!

  2. Impressing paint job and the figure bases with real stone is very nice.

  3. Sorry I'm late, but I prioritized getting a game in yesterday. :P
    You had other priorities, remember? ;)

    It's nice to see you're able to churn out DE models at least as quickly as you do Smurfs and Bugs. I wouldn't be at all surprised if you're able to play your first game of 2012 with the new army.

    As you say, the colours in the photos still are a little 'off'. Perhaps if you tried taking a couple outside - weather permitting of course - during the weekend...

    If those doesn't turn out satisfactory either, we could look into building lighting boxes as a group project.

  4. They look great! Looking forward to see the entire army finished:)

  5. Thanks guys (and Inger Helene) for al the positive feedback!

    I am looking forward to be able to post photos on of the next 2 squads. The problem is – where to find the time…. ;)


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