21 October 2011

Dark Eldar Scourges - ØRNULVS OCTOBER 2011 PROJECT # 4

These models where very detailed and consisted of more parts then the Kabalite Warrior and Wych sets. The wings are really thin, and I decided to use one extra layer of glue in all the joints hoping they will survive table gaming. Combining the scenic base fixing on the legs with slate was a challenge. I think they came out al right.

Entering from reserve or deep striking in – these boys and girls has a really nasty output of fire! In my standard 1.750p list I use one squad with two Splinter cannons.

But in my 2000p fluff list – tree units!

All the “foot models” in the army is now built, and it is time to start painting them. I have bought a huge range of Vallejo colours, hoping my idea of a colour scheme works!


  1. Stunning miniatures, nice poses, can`t wait until I`ll se them in battle. Congratus with your battle bunker as well... after a sneak peak today I can say that the pictures you have posted does not give it credit at all. Impressvie

  2. They do look stunning, these models as well, but since we won't be seeing them on the table until they're all painted up: How 'bout slapping a couple of colours on there so we can get it on!?!

    We've heard a lot about your planned paint scheme, but need to see at least a test model or two soon... ;)


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