12 October 2011

Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors - ØRNULVS OCTOBER 2011 # 2 PROJECT

Kabalite Warrior Squads # 3 and 4 assembled.

And then they where 40!



Ever since I met André’s Dark Eldar army many years ago, I have been waiting for them to get an updated codex (and additional models). As we all know - both have arrived. So far I have only worked with the Kabalite warriors. The detail and poses are amazing.

My army will contain 4 squads of Kabalite Warriors. The photos beneath show the construction of the first 2 of the units.

I am looking forward to build the last 2 units, and will update this post with more photos when they are built.


  1. Flotte modeller. Kule baser! Gleder meg til å se de ferdige:)

  2. Very nice! Looks awsome. Looks like I need to reinforce my craftworld Eldar to keep up.

  3. Not to worry Trond! I'll just cut off his supply of slate when I feel he's gotten 'Dangerous Enough'.

    Looking forward to seeing these again soon Ørnulv - with some paint on...

  4. Thanks for all the positive feedback!

    As it turns out, you supplied me with enough slate for the entire army Jørn (thanks)!

    I have uploaded pictures of all 40 Warriors (built but not painted). During the week I will start my October # 3 Project…..


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