9 October 2011

Ultramarines 1. Reinforced - ØRNULVS OCTOBER 2011 #1 PROJECT

In May Linus sold of his “spare parts” and some “other stuff” he did not thing he would need in the “near future”. Knowing his extensive collection of not-built stuff, I was the first of the TSB members knocking on his front door.

This autumn / winter I wanted to start on a new army that I have collected since visiting GW in Dublin in February. However, in order to “treat my self with working on a new army”, I have a strict codex of finishing ongoing projects (build and paint unfinished models) before undertaking new ones. This led me to painting up several Tyranid models during this summer (a separate post will be made), and after having moved in September, I have finally been able to finish the “last” of my current range of Space Marine models.

As a long-term project I have decided to paint the whole of the Ultramarines 1. Company. First up were to reinforce Terminator Squads # I and II witch consist of “ordinary” Terminators. 5 more and they will be 10 strong each.

Next batch consisted of adding 5 Assault terminators to a new Squad # IV. These models are mainly from the Assault on black reach set, so I tried to modify some poses and added Forge worlds shoulder pads in an attempt to make them less “mainstream”.

And now – I can finally start working on my new army, adding some Space Marines to my 1. Company when feeling I need a break from painting the new army…..


  1. De ble kjempe flotte!! Likte spesielt godt de 5 assault terminatorene. Gjorde seg med de shoulder padsene:)

  2. Agreed! Your ability to keep churning out these models - in spite of how you tell us you almost detest them by now - is impressive in itself, even if they weren't of such quality.

    How many Terminators are you able to field all at once, within the constraints of one FOC, and how many points do you recon you'd need to be able to make a game of it as well?

  3. Thanks!

    Within one FOC – 30 Terminators. But as you know, I follow the Chapter setup ;) Points, well with 3 X 10 without extras costs 1200p, so I recon at least 2000p. To get he good stuff, 3000p at least!



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