24 October 2011

Eldar re-visited

Now what?! What is the pantyhose guy up to?
Well, I know I know. I tend to complain about the Eldar codex and so forth, but after
invasion, I did get the confirmation I needed that playing eldar my way, wasn`t very competitive.
Unfortunately this style of play - copy paste, isn`t very exciting. So with som really nice friendly games comming up, I thought I should present my entire Biel Tan Eldar Army
It`s a mix of almost a decade of painting, playing and discussing Eldar, ups and downs and getting a complete army of 5000 points or more. What I am about to present is only Biel Tan, my Ulthwè remenants are left in storage.
Hq: The Avatar. Second ed model. Still quite stunning, and with his rules he is a good Hq choice. The best ws in the game, inspiering, but a bit slow. Farseer, mostly used for support, but is able and capable to take down a greater deamon.
Elites: Harlequins, striking scorpions, Howling banshees, and Firedragons.
As you are all well aware of used right these units can deal with almos anything they attack.
Can`t go to war with out a unit of Firedragons, and of lately Harlequins has been my favorite close combat choice. But the Banshees and Scorpiones are coming out of hiding and getting back in. Supported by doom, banshees can take down anything up to T7. Dark Eldar.... Too slow ;)
Scorpiones, infiltrate, a bit slow, but a lots of attacks. And 3+ armour save. What`s not to like? Soon I will present the rest of my army, and some more photos, but for now.. Fear the reaper;)


  1. Are those the shots we did prior to Invasion earlier this year? You should put that new camera of yours on a tripod and take some new ones in natural light, cause those minis do look better than in the above pictures!

    Other than that - great idea doing a set of articles on the units in your collection. Looking forward to the other installments.

  2. I have a special love/hate relationship with these pantyhose cowards. You have refined and adjusted your army over what ten years or more? I really like your presentation and am tempted to do the same if I can dig up my own minis from the current six feet under situation ;)

    Do you remember who won last time we played, Trond? I guess I have to wait years for my next victory with the rotten ones ;)



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