19 September 2011

ØRNULVS SEPTEMBER 2011 PROJECT - Re-revisiting the Ultramarines 2.

It was suggested by Trond that I should try out the ”Typhoon Missile Launcher” on my Land speeders. Not only that, but Jørn suggested "why not try out a speeder fleet”? Hmm.... I recently built 3 Land speeders with Multimeltas, and my first 3 (4th edition of the game) were equipped with Heavy Bolters and Assault Cannons. Hmm.... Build 3 new ones? Not lightly! Magnets were the solution!

First step was to rip off the old Assault Cannons and clean up the chassis. I then had to find a way to magnetise new Assault Cannons (I would like to have the opportunity to field them against Inger Helenes Orks) and Typhoon Missile Launchers. I also decided to magnetise 2 Multimeltas (for variety - and for hunting Jørns Landraiders).

On all of my Land Speeders I had used a black skull symbol on the doors behind the crew compartment. This turned out to be the ideal place for drilling holes for the magnets. I then placed new skull marks on top, adding a lot of ”hard coat” so that they can withstand the opposing magnets. I then cut of "the door section” on the Typhoon Missile Launchers and drilled magnets into the ”ammo frame”.

I have been collecting several purity seals (long version that "flows in the wind") and decided to incorporate them at the same time. This is how it turned out:

Land speeders with the new purity seals

Adding the Assault Cannons – Land Speeder Tornado version

Changing from Assault Cannons to Multi Meltas

Changing from Multi Meltas to Land Speeder Typhoon version

Also adding Typhoon Missile Launchers to my Land Speeders with Multimeltas

And now – army builder (or does 1. Company need reinforcements?)


  1. Lovely execution, as always, Ørnulv!

    You've got lots of versatility with the loadout-options in those kits now, but did I hear correctly that you plan to do another three too?

    Just how many Assault Marines does the Second Company have anyway?!? ;)

    (Ørnulv and I've already talked this over, so I know he's got an answer to my question. I'm just not sure he wants to spill the beans just yet.)

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