25 September 2011

Invasion from an Eldar point of view

Invasion 2011... What happend??
Well, first of all, what a great trip! Nice hotell, great food and good spirit all the way through from both Jørn and me. Met some old friends and made som new ones, good dice rolls, bad dice rolls. Both ended up with nomination for best painted army!!! So what happend in the games??

Game 1 through 3, Jørn kinda summend that up, two major victories and one loss, puts me in 5 or 6 place after day one.

Day 2:

First of, Imperial Guard... Vendettas, loads of guardsmen with 3+ coversave due to one really big stealth cloak and a lot of flamers... Mission: kill your opponents didicated unit (mine was Harlequins), his was a 33 man strong, guard sqd. If not, most objectives, wins alpha. Beta: Hold the center objective, and Gamma: Least units in own deployment. I decided to keep everything but my Harlies in reserve. The fact that he can`t target them even with his colossus lured his chimeras forward in range of my reserves which promptly destroyd 3 chimeras and one vendetta. As the smoke cleard, I held more objectives, no harlies dead, and only one unit in my deployment zone. Beta sadly became a draw. So 18,5 to me 1,5 to the guard.

This propelled me up the scorebord and with 25 points for painting it took me all the way up to tied second place. Hurray... kinda. Because now I have to face off the leader with no losses so far. Salamander space marines with Vulcan, re-roll flamers and melta wepons, master crafted thunderhammers. But still only pathetic Mon-keigh, with their crude tracked vehicles.

Mission: Kill points, objectives and kill you oppnents most expensive unit. Harlies again.. Me bad not placing everything in reserve. This cost me gamma due to a deep striking drop pod with an ironclad dreadnought and a fast moving scout landspeeder.... But landspeeders, attackbikes and razorbacks aint that though and it came down to terminators, falcons and firedragons... I contested his two obectives, and held one in return. He got me on kill points and killing my harlies, but I got Alpha, so twelve points for me and eight for him. A close fought and really cool game. Hind sight is 20 20, so I should have reserved the whole army and maybe this and maybe that, but in the end, I came out victorius. Sadly though he only neede one point to win.

But I managed second place!!!

So thanks to Christoffer for inviting us, and for holding a great event again. I`m proud to represent Team Stormbolter, and once again a team member ended up top three, and both team members where nominated for best painted army. Job`s a good`n

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  1. Awesome! Congratulations to you both for being nominated for best-painted army! This means that all TSB members get nominated each time we attend!

    Also Trond – congratulation with 2. place! This proves you are still one of the Eldar master generals (besides being my nemesis…)!

    Looking forward to locking horns with you both in October when we initiate my new battle bunker.

    Also god to know that DE came in 3. place, and that it was a Venom/Trueborn list. This gives med some hope for my future gaming - the DE army is under way!

    All the best,


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