18 September 2011

Army lists... What to do??

So Invasion is comming up.. What to muster for Kristiansand?? Frankly I don`t know. But I do have some Ideas.

Harlequins.. haven`t used them in a while, at least not in a tournament setting. But I think that I`ll take them anyway. If they hit home they can really do some damage.

After reconsidering after last game vs Jørn, I have decided to go for 2 fire dragon sqds in waveserpents. Can`t go wrong with 2x5 bs 4 meltaguns?? Can I???

I have also decided to keep 4 troop choices, although I have reduced the jetbikes to three bikes... The rest is set, 2x5 dire avengers in falcons, and 5 pathfinders.

For my fast attack - no surprise there. Warpspiders. No exarch though, but nine of them. Should do the trick

This leaves Heavy choices . 2 falcons and three war walkers... nuff said. The army is led by a farseer with good luck dice ;) So what do you think?


  1. Yes... Slowly but surely you are coming over to the Dark Side that is cut'n'paste armies...

    Seriously though: A little of that seems to be necessary to be able to build a viable (Eldar) army these days. Besides... Everyone else's doing it, right?

    I do like that you're (still) not going all the way over to the ways of the re-re-repetitive army builds, but kept in the handful of units that you like to use too.

    I guess we'll see this weekend, as the tournament is just a handful of days away now.

  2. Jørn has a good point; balance between i) what will “work during a tourney” and ii) using units that gives you (the player) “the Eldar feeling” (the reason why you play a specific army). I think that you have found it with this “last” adjustment.

    I hope all TSB members can find this balance. It is all too easy to be consumed by the various “Môn dominant tourney lists” out there. I hope that we, during our friendly gaming, can use “fluff lists”, and “spike it up” during play trials before tourneys. No rules without an exception – I regard my forthcoming Dark Eldar army as pure fluff ;)

    Good luck guys!

  3. Well I think I`ll updadate the list a little bit.
    Out goes the jetbikes, and I`m left with 3 troops... Out goes the shuriken cannons and is replaced by 2 twinlinked brightlances. I just feel more comfortable with lances in my army!


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