30 August 2011

Kjerringvik Pictures (Part One?)

I promised, so here they are - a selection of the pictures i took during TSBs third weekend in Kjerringvik. This yearly trip isn't just about rolling dice and moving plastic dudes around on tables. It's just as much about getting all six of us together in one place, and... err... "chillaxing" (Was that the word, Ørnulv?) for a few days...

As I think I've mentioned earlier, Trond and I came down thursday evening. When we arrived, Ørnulv had pulled out his 6-7000 points Tyranid force and set them up on the dining table. Here's a few overview shots:

On friday, it was time to get a few of those 750 points games in. I got off to a rather late start, and only managed to get two games in. My first game was against Linus' Plague Marines. I don't know if he'd played much since his comeback, but he throunced me good and proper nevertheless.

For the second game I drew Trond and his Eldar. Deep Striking my Obliterators in, I almost - but only almost - managed to take out his war Walkers on turn two. In the end though, I was overwhwlmed by Str6 fire...

Saturday morning, we carried the tables outside and played in the sun. I started off against Inger Helene and her Orks. With two losses from the previous day, I was anxious to kick some greenskin buttocks. Alas, it was not to be. Out there in the sunlight the Orks cut me apart, and I was zero and three.

She was kind enough to give me a rematch after lunch though, and with a reformulated Plan I managed to even the score a little. ;)

I got my last game of the weekend in on sunday after breakfast. I don't think I've had a game with André since november last year, and he'd had quite some time with the new Dark Eldar Codex since then. After a tense few rounds, however, I did manage to secure the central objective and win my final game of the weekend.

With that last game done, it was time to pack up and head home. Unfortunately, Ørnulv and I never did manage to get a game in. We'll have to make up for that soon!

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