18 March 2011

Battle report: Clash of chaos...


  1. I can only hope that Linus return is - permanent!

    Nice report. “Directed and produced…” Does this mean you where playing after a script ;) I have been trying to find the technique that VaulsC uses on his battle reports. Using narrative (comments) is a nice addition to the battle report.

  2. My return is permanent, Ørnulv. But much has happened in my life during the last couple of years. I must admit that I probably will not be as devoted as you know me from several years back. But you will find me on the opposite side of the gaming table more frequently the next weeks. If I find time maybe I will pick up the paintbrush as well ;)

    Maybe we should have a game the week after the next Ørnulv?

  3. Linus; Good that you confirm your return to 40K and TSB, even if in a somewhat more “modest fashion”!
    We all go through different stages in life. The good thing about our hobby is its adaptability given the need for change in time allocation. And that TSB offers a nice social network in combination with a creative “escape” from reality witch keeps us young at hart ☺

    We have not had a game since last autumn, and I have missed our evenings together (with Mr van Gogh). Because of our upcoming party next Saturday I hope we can meet during week # 13. Suits me fine on Thursday 31.03!

  4. You may have to invest in a decent microphone Ørnulv. (Have you tried emailing VaulC and ask him what his setup is? I'm sure he gets tha question often enough to have a ready-made description he can send you.

    ...or you can just experiment more!

    I'll amend the "D&P" bit for my next production. Should have known you'd read more into it than I ever intended.

  5. Very nice! Good to have you back Linus. Hopefully we`ll face off again soon :)
    Oh, by the way, the 40k hobby works just fine, even if you are not that commited ;)
    It helps having dedicated team mates like Jørn and Mr Hallbing. So thank`s guys!


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