22 October 2020

Ultramarines Terminator Squad

It has taken me ages to complete these models... I equipped them with complimentary weapons to my existing models, two with Cyclone Missile Launcher, one with Assault Cannon, one standard Sergeant with Power Sword and Storm bolter, and two with Power Fists and Storm bolters.

I can now field 2 X 10 Terminators with a variety of weapons (2 with Heavy Flamers, 2 with Assault Cannons and 2 with Cyclone Missile Launchers). All "standard" Terminators are now finished. Only 5 models left to complete, and my 1st Company will be completed. But before I continue, I will treat myself with a couple of terrain projects. 



  1. That's more than 95% complete, given that you probably have a few "supporting characters" not counted among the 100 Veterans in the company.

    ...or just under 20% of the complete Chapter. ;D

    I know, I know... I'll drop it now. Great job, although the colours in the photo do look a bit 'off', probably due to being taken in direct sunlight. (...unless it's my monitor.)

  2. Great job again, I guess I have to muster all my blightspawns and throw a fair amount of mortal wounds your way to be able to handle all these 3 wounds toting veterans.


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